365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 307/365 Amadeus

Day 307/365


From the anime Dragonaut: The Resonance, Amadeus is Sieglinde Baumgard's dragon partner. He takes good care of Sieglinde and looks like he acts more like her butler than a partner. When transformed he is a large dragon that attacks with bursts of gravity waves.

Why I like him: He's an old man dragon that kicks ass! OLD MAN DRAGON!

Why I hate him: He has to serve that brat. The only thing I liked about her is that she kind of looks like Birdy.

Overall: This series wasn't good or bad. it was just there. I don't feel anything at all towards it. The ova was a nice random special though XD

Amadeus and Sieglinde swimsuits!

Amadeus in his dragon form and Sieglinde going to enter (teehehe)

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