Not so Secret Santa: Fantastic Children

OK sooooo the fifth anime part of my Not so Secret Santa Project turns out to be Fantastic Children. When I think about it more I probably should have switched this with Noein placement wise, but I only finished Fantastic Children today... 😛 The oh so lovely Chronolynx suggested this anime to me with high encouragement from kadian1364 as well. I appreciate both of their opinions when it comes to anime so I thought I was in for a really under rated anime treat.

I think I liked this character but I still don't really know...

Saying that Noein was complicated was silly. That anime has nothing on this one. I couldn't really tell you what this show was about properly but I'll do my best. Basically a group of special children have blue eyes and white hair. Interesting enough I'll give it with only that. I like it when hair and eye colours matter! Oh before I go on I should say it takes place in 2012 hehe. I always get a giggle out of anime that takes place NOW or soon. It's even more funny when 80s shows do it. Anyway the rest of it is basically about these children that are searching for someone named Tina... Yeah... I tried sorry if that makes like no sense...

The music for me was the best part of this show. The OP and ED were great! There was something really soothing and wonderful about all the music. It was almost calming even when shit was hitting the fan. There was also a lot of very interesting sound effects used that I enjoyed. Sadly that's about all I enjoyed. I liked the look alright but it wasn't anything special or unique. Maybe I've just watched too many anime at this point to even suggest that because compared to "normal" "standard" anime this one is quite different. Maybe I'm just pretty good at getting off the beaten path that anime looks tend to have and nothing is really unique anymore to me...

I wish I could say that I loved the characters. Unfortunately due to the issue I'll chock up to pacing, I just couldn't bring myself to care about any of them. I felt bad sure when some terrible things happened, and a lot of terrible things did happen, but I just would forget come the next episode. The pacing in the show is what really caused me not to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I mean I enjoyed the idea behind the it all and some points were pretty cool but it just didn't have that extra thing needed that would have made it awesome. Monster is a good example of a show that had this kind of pace but still drew you into what was going on.

Yup yup

Overall yeah... I'll either have to watch this one again or never ever again. I don't know what it is about this show but I just couldn't get into anything the show had to offer. Kinda makes me sad since I was expecting much more wow.


* Story 7/10
* Animation 7/10
* Sound 9/10
* Characters 7/10
* Overall 7/10

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