366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 296/366 FLCL

Day 296/366

FLCL... growing up is seriously hard.

This girl school uniform is the normalest thing about this show. Yay sailor uniform with long sleeved sweaters

Overall: I'd wear it.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 360/365 Mamimi Samejima

Day 360/365

Mamimi Samejima

***The rest of this post is written by predederva Wish him a happy birthday cause today is the big day!***

From the anime FLCL, Mamimi Samejima was Naota's older brother's girlfriend before he moved away. Although ever since he moved away she's been clinging on to Naota. She's a high school student and a few years older then Naota. She likes to take pictures, and she's often seen smoking. She skips school a lot, and seems to avoid going home, instead hanging out under a bridge not far from Naota's house. She also likes to take care of small animals, and give them the nickname "Ta-kun".

Why I like Her: I really like her because she has a very different type of personality. There's no one else out there quite like her. She has a unique outlook on the world. I find it very interesting that she looses touch with what exactly is reality, from a video game or her imagination sometimes. I love how she takes photos all the time, and wants to show them off to people. I also just loved how she was excited that the world was going to end. Not many people would look forward to that. Plus she's one of the few characters that I actually like that smokes. It fits her very much. She may not be the smartest character in the show, but she's cool, weird (in a good way), and a one-of-a-kind. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's very cute!

Why I hate her: I can't hate her!

Overall: FLCL is one of the best coming of age stories ever told, anime or not. It's funny, thoughtful, and exciting. The characters are rich, interesting and just a great set of people. Sometimes it's very deep, other times it's making sex jokes, but it's always Fooly Cooly.

Look at that cute kitty! Nyaa~

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