365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 309/365 Ayaka Nakanishi

Day 309/365

Ayaka Nakanishi

From the anime Futatsu no Kurumi, Ayaka Nakanishi is an ordinary Japanese girl who loves her cell phone and just chilling out with her friends. Her grandmother often tells her stories about how hard things were back when she was a kid but Ayaka pays no attention to such things. One day she finds herself transported back through time. Stranded in Tokyo in 1945 she'll find out first had just how hard things were for her grandmother.

Why I like her: Ummmm I guess she gained respect by the end of all this.

Why I hate her: Spoiled kids these days really don't understand how lucky they are. As long as they have a phone and an internet connection they think life is just peachy. It makes me so angry.

Overall: Yet another look at WW2 but this one is a strange moral lesson.

Somehow her cell phone still works even though she's in 1945!

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