365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 289/365 Olivier

Day 289/365


From the anime Gestalt, Olivier is a priest from a powerful church. He is determined to visit the land of "G" and will stop at nothing to make it there. He even leaves his church without permission and is now being chased by Suzu, a dark elf hired by the church to bring him back. Along his way he enters a town, helps some people since he is so kind, and in return he is given Ohri, a mysterious, mute girl who will accompany him no matter where he goes.

Why I like him: He is a hilarious typical 90's bishie. Add in a good attitude and always trying to do the right thing and you got yourself some awesome entertainment. I love his star marking on his forehead and that he has ear rings to kind of match it. Those glasses were highly amusing that a priest would be wearing them XD

Why I hate him: His hair colour is just weird on boys! His weird relationship with Ohri took a little getting use to and I still didn't overly like it... But maybe I just didn't really like her which isn't really Olivier's fault at all.

Overall: Random and fun but too short since it doesn't really end properly. I enjoyed thinking about anime fangirls swooning over him.

Olivier and Ohri making some magic... Cause that's how you dispell bad magic apparently! (They are totally kissing through a glass barrier of sorts here too... lol How does it still work then???)

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