366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 126/366 Ghost Hound

Day 126/366

 Ghost Hound is a strange anime about boys who can seemingly leave their bodies.

 We barely see these kids at school but that's ok since neither the boy uniforms or the girl ones are anything special. Girls wear a run of the mill sailor suit and boys sport their all black style yet again.

Overall: Meh.

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Not so Secret Santa: Ghost Hound

Finally we have come to the best anime I watched during my Not so Secret Santa Project! Losty recommended 2 shows when I asked "What show should I watch that I haven't already asap?" Those were Ghost Hound and Sola. Choosing between these 2 shows boiled down to which one I had access to right away. Ghost Hound won. Boy oh boy am I ever glad it did!

The therapist

Ghost Hound is about 3 boys in a small town. At first they don't really have anything in common but something is pulling them together. All three have had very traumatic experiences in their childhood they discover. This link between them makes it so they can travel through the "Unseen World".

This shot interested me a lot. (as pervy as that sounds)

I did things like that with my sister all the time when we were young.








I have no idea how to review this show because I loved it SO much. It's from the same guys that did Lain (which I love and is in my top 15 anime of all time) so it should be no surprise that Ghost Hound found it's way into my heart too. Like Lain it is a little hard to pin point the #1 reason why I was attracted to it but if I had to guess I'd say tone. Dark and mysterious without being too down to earth. There are wonderful sounds throughout the show that fits the moments 100%. These detailed noises were one of my favourite things about the show. When it wanted something to be creepy and strange did it ever work.  The look of the show is amazing to me. When the boys were traveling through the "Unseen World" it was quite something to see animated. When they first discovered this world I was honestly quite shocked but very interested in it's existence.

This is their "Unseen World" selves at first.

Dinosaur dog is awesome.








All the characters were amazing. Right down to minor ones. But with a show like this minor characters are always very important so it should be no surprise that they were wonderfully done. Minor character wise I'd have to say I enjoyed the therapist very much. No one in this show is what they seem and all end up coming together in the end quite well.

See why it's very Lain like?

If I could explain this I would... @[email protected]








Overall: Holy shit it's been a while since I went into an anime expecting absolutely nothing and got AMAZING!

* Story 10/10
* Animation 10/10
* Sound 10/10
* Characters 10/10
* Overall 10/10

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