Getting ready for the Winter Olympics made me dig out this treasure

Ginban Kaleidoscope is about a girl who is a figure skater. She and many other girls compete around the world to be the best. No tournament is as precious to these girls as being chosen to represent their country for the Olympics. Sounds like a simple sports moral booster anime right? Enter Pete Pumps. A Canadian boy who loves to fly planes. Like figure skating is dancing on ice to the girls, he dances in the sky with his plane by doing tricks. Sadly an accident occurred, he crashed and died; just as Sakurano Tazusa was preforming on ice at the Women's Figure skating Olympic series second stage held in Montreal, Canada, she falls down and is knocked into unconsciousness. When she awakens she comes to the startling discovery that she is not alone in her mind. Thus the story begins.

Sakurano Tazusa and her Canadian ghost Pete Pumps.

It's amazing how if you add a supernatural theme to what would have been a boring anime without that, that the show not only becomes watchable but also good as well. Sure there's people out there that probably would have liked seeing a girl try to become the best figure skater in the world without a ghost there to help her along the way, but for me that ghost part is what made this watchable. The hilarious exchange between the two lead characters had me laughing a lot for the most part. Especially when she found out he hated tomatoes! Who keeps than many around them at all times??? Rich or not that was just silly.

So many tomatoes!

For the most part everything about this anime was average. Animation, art and sound were all just "there". Nothing ever stood out. Even during the glitz and glamor of the skating performances it was just had a hazy art style to make it "feel special". Although for the most part when Pete was on screen there was a glow around him which I thought fitted quite nicely because he is a ghost that only she can see. For an anime that was about skating there wasn't as much skating as I would have liked... It seemed that all Sakurano did was lay around in her bed and chat to Pete about her annoyances. He being the main one and reporters being another. They were always hounding her, but then again her tsundere attitude towards everything probably didn't help. Which was a main theme of the show that the committee didn't really like.

She spent a lot of time in bed "talking" to herself

After Sakurano got over her fit of having a ghost in her mind the show got better and Pete was like her personal motivator. She was always confident but always had doubt as well. She wanted to make her dream come true no matter how many haters she had. I can see why she was generally a total bitch to the media. I don't know how people can put up with the constant struggle for a good image among these people that just want to cause drama and make a big deal out of nothing. Most even started spreading their own rumors about her. Mainly love interests which I actually expected. She lives with her coach. I wondered why right from the start but we later found out that her parents were divorced and well that situation is hard on kids.

Reporters are pesky

I think this anime took a lot of features that happens in real life and actually put them into a well written story with a supernatural twist that was believably. From the catty other skaters, to the pain in the ass reporters, Sakurano not only had all that to deal with but a ghost in her head for 100 days. This simple little story gives the viewer hope that if you try hard enough you might be able to achieve your goals and if not at least you tried as hard as you could. I thought the goodbye scene to Pete was very well done as well. We knew from the start of the anime that this day was coming but it didn't hit till that scene. Very well done.


This anime for some reason has added to my already excited self for the 2010 Winter Olympics even more. The OP ceremony did enough for that but this was a great pre watch for it! Best wishes to ALL the athletes! Especially the Canadian ones! 😀 <3

Gorgeous shot

* Story 7/10
* Animation 7/10
* Sound 7/10
* Characters 8/10
* Overall 7/10

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 43/365 Pete Pumps

Day 43/365

Pete Pumps

From the anime Ginban Kaleidoscope, Pete Pumps is a 16 year old Canadian who is training to become a pilot. Due to some unfortunate circumstances he died. He floated up to heaven but was told to come back in 100 days. He fell back down to earth and woke up in Sakurano Tazusa's head as a ghost. She is a figure skater competing to get into the Olympics for Japan and now has to deal with this odd little predicament.

Why I like him: He is the perfect example of the stereotypical Canadian with the way he endlessly helps Sakurano without even thinking about himself first. His situation with her is amusing and I love that she found out he hates tomatoes. What she eats, he eats too and tastes!

Why I hate him: I've thought about this for 5 hours now... I can't think of anything.

Overall: This short 12 episode anime I had heard of only because there was a Canadian in it. I highly suggest people check this show out. I didn't know a show about figure skating could be so interesting. A great anime to get into the Olympic spirit to as well! 😀

Sakurano and Pete

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