365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 281/365 Kiriko Aoi

Day 281/365

Kiriko Aoi

From the anime Godannar, Kiriko Aoi is Anna's mother and started off as Goh's (Anna's now to be husband) boss. With her husband, they were responsible for the development of the Dannar project. She is very level headed but knows when to cut back and have some fun. She almost always has an answer for every question and is always there for her daughter when she needs help.

Why I like her: She is the brains behind the team. She is one hell of a commander and takes talk back from no one.

Why I hate her: Could she look any more slutty?

Overall: If your thing is for older women that could kick your ass Kiriko Aoi is for you. Godannar is full of hilariously bad plots and terribly funny fanservice. Do not take seriously at all and just sit back and enjoy.

Mother and daughter

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