Not so Secret Santa: Grenadier

Moving along to my second anime things have picked up a bit from the first one enjoyment wise.  My Not so Secret Santa Project gives me Grenadier next from the oh so hilarious kevo. Boobie bullets yay!

Now that's how you start off an anime!

Our first sight of the lead chick is her naked in a hot spring... Ok so now that I know where this anime is going. Boobs, boobs, boobs, a gun, boobs! Honestly the following is all you really need to know about this anime.

You saw it right? Here's a picture in case you missed it! If you were a gunslinger would you keep your extra bullets in your bosoms? Boobie bullets!


I spent this entire show hoping to see this chicks pantsu honestly. Pantsu that tie up are sooooo cute you just gotta see the whole thing! Just seeing the tassels all the time is such a tease! It only took 5 episodes before this chicks boobs were randomly groped. BUT I finally got a pantsu shot in the same episode as well... A super lame one though.... Super close up crotch shot >.<

Not quite the shot I was hoping for...

Anyway now that I got all the fanservice out of my system... This show... Rushuna is an expert senshi, but she's a complete bimbo honestly. They should have made her an actual strong lead but I guess they needed her to be a dummy so they could bounce her boobs around and feel no guilt or something. She was told by some priestess to go around the world and tell everyone she meets that fighting is bad. So she uses her gun only to disarm people who are fighting and everything generally ends with people snuggling her boobs in complete bliss and throwing away their fighting ways. She teams up with a samurai, Yajiro, who also just wants peace. He has some silly past where he was given the nickname "Tiger of the Rearguard". That's all there is to this anime!

The show is honestly trying to be Trigun but with a girl lead. It feels like Ninja Scroll TV (NOT the movie) with all the terrible music and silly baddies. Then we get an ending similar to Noir... WTF I know. An interesting mix of anime I must say, fanservice asid. (even though the service isn't anything like what we get today. wooo "oldschool" service!). So watch it if you want a grand old laugh or two or three. I shall leave you with some hilarious quotes because dubbed anime is hilarious like that.


<-- over there!








"My panties riped and it's hard to move can you get me some new ones?"

I'd have that look on my face too after hearing the following...

"I can't put the pow in power.. Maybe I can put the P in power!"

* Story 5/10
* Animation 5/10
* Sound 5/10
* Characters 5/10
* Overall 5/10

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