365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 173/365 Elie

Day 173/365


From the anime Groove Adventure Rave, Elie is a girl that has no memories of her past. She meets Haru Glory, whom is on a mission to find all the Rave Stones and bring peace to the world. He vows to help her figure out who she is and where she came from. The only clue she has is a number written on her arm saying 3173. Or does it?

Why I like her: I like her fun energetic side that she brings to an already energetic group. She has awesome weapons even if she can't really fight well with them and she learns how to use an awesome power later on in the anime that makes her even more awesome than she was.

Why I hate her: Memory loss = lame but we did get to find out about her before the series ended.

Overall: I think I'm one of the only people to really like this show as everyone else I've talked to about it has hated it to bits. XD

Elie with Plue

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