365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 254/365 Tabby

Day 254/365


From the anime .hack//Roots, Tabby is a kind cat like player in The World. Her weapons are giant tiger like paws and she has hair that has cat ears and a tail. In the beginning she is often found playing around with Sakisaka. Both joined the Twilight Brigade (A brigade to help new members in The World). Later on in the series she forms the Paw Brigade to heal members

Why I like her: CATGIRL! I love how she just wasn't a typical catgirl though. Mostly always cheery and being annoying is what most are good at. Tabby had a cheery and bubbly side to her but she also had a dark side to her that didn't want to smile or be social all the time. She just seemed like she was there for a good time.

Why I hate her: I tried to hate her but she was just so darn cute and lovable. Maybe she was a tad dumb at times but that just made her even more adorable.

Overall: A lovely installment to the .hack universe. Now I REALLY want to play the games. Who wants to buy them for me?

Tabby with her battle gear on... lol

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