366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 63/366 Hitsuji no Uta

Day 63/366

Hitsuji no Uta is about a seemingly normal boy who suddenly starts having a strange relationship with blood.

This anime is strange when it comes to its school uniforms because I think they wanted them to be the most depressing as they could make them. The colours are all dark and gloomy. There's 2 different girl uniforms. The one above I don't even know what colour that is... I guess uhhh depressing gray. It's a simple uniform that has a tie instead of a bow. It's a really dark red but what you can't tell so much with my picture is that the shirt isn't white. It's a strange yellow colour that just looks like barf mixed with the colour of her uniform.

Boy uniforms are your typical all black with a white shirt under. The other girl uniform isn't all that amazing either. It's a simple sailor uniform but it's colour of choice is dark green. Fits in very well with the depressing theme the anime has going.










Overall: I'll stay away from these depressing uniforms thanks.

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