366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 16/366 Hyakko

Day 16/366


Hyakko is yet again about girls in school doing their thing!

These uniforms are amazing and my favourite in all of anime, (along with a lot of other people). A delicious plaid orange and black skirt with a black shirt and orange tie. Talk about sexy and awesome. Black isn't a normal colour you see in anime uniforms and honestly neither is orange. Together they may scream Halloween to most but to me they scream unique to me. Not to mention the school crest they have on the left breast of each outfit. I'm not really a fan of school crests but with these uniforms I make an exception because they are doing everything possible to be different from the norm and it works! I like the very light tan jackets with the four buttons they have but I can't say I enjoy the sweaters. I don't think any anime can ever make me love the sweater part of their uniforms but one (to come at a later date :P).

I don't care or remember if there are boy uniforms in this anime as they won't even compare to these awesome girl ones! I'm sure they are just your typical black ones anyway!

Overall: Hell yes, I'd cosplay in this AND have sex in it!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 168/365 Hyakko Suzume Saotome

Day 168/365

Suzume Saotome

From the anime Hyakko, Suzume Saotome is a typical school girl with an extraordinary personality. She's good at sports, loves to eat, and has self esteem issues. Just another quirky student at Kamizono Academy in class 1-6. She has been Torako's (The main character of the show) closest friend since middle school.

Why I like her: I found her to be one of the most funny characters in the show. I like how her name along with the other 3 main girl characters in this anime have to do with one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. I thought that was a cute random touch. Suzume's was the Vermilion Bird because her name contains a kanji of sparrow.

Why I hate her: Who cares if you don't always act or look like a girl!

Overall: For a school life anime this one ain't bad. Gets a little slow in the middle but the characters keep you interested.

Suzume and her 3 closest friends; Torako, Tatsuki, and Ayumi.

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