Not so Secret Santa: Inukami

Now we start getting into the good stuff for my Not so Secret Santa Project! LOL glothelegend I love you! Inukami was his glorious pick. Hidden gems are always appreciated by me. Especially when they are comedy shows! It's hard to make me constantly laugh at a show and this one did it!

This about sums up the show perfectly.

Inukami has a plot hidden in there but that's really not of much interest honestly (at least for me... It's actually a pretty good plot in all honestly). It is seriously is all about the laughs for me! Here's a clip that I'm sure why most people know of this anime.

Ah yes, elephant censoring of the penis! Not just the main characters penis either! All male penis!!! Yes, there's actually a lot of pervertedness in this show but instead of boobs flashing in our faces every 5 seconds it is PENIS! Yeah how could I not like an anime that does this? The main character, Keita, spends a lot of time naked because of his "inukami" Youko. Sending him to random places away from her naked is a punishment after all. These 2 are really something special honestly and have become one of my favourite anime couples ever.

Everyone else in this anime had their place too and weren't just annoying side characters that generally happens with a show that tries to focus on 2 main characters. They contributed greatly to the laughs whether it be the other inukami girls along with their master, Kaoru, or the inspector, Shiro who often approached Keita and Youko for help when it came to strange supernatural things.

I love these 2 so much.

This OP is completely fantastic too. The ED isn't as good but it's still quite catchy. Of course this version was pretty fucking awesome. Look was alright but I honestly don't care much about that stuff when the plot and characters are keeping me engaged. Honestly it is hard for me to write more about this show because it's so completely funny and pervy. Anyone who likes to laugh and have perv stuff thrown their way is sure to love it!

This table was great with all these dog girls!!

These 2 were great 'side' characters.










I'll leave you with this gif... No Inukami review would be complete without it. Watch this show and LOVE IT LIKE I DID!

* Story 8/10
* Animation 8/10
* Sound 8/10
* Characters 10/10
* Overall 8/10

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: 357/366 Inukami


Inukami DOGS!

Brown girl sailor suits... Yeah kinda gross. The all blue boy uniform with buttons that stand out are pretty snazzy though. We hardly even see school uniforms in this show though so in the end it doesn't really matter what they look like!

Overall: Mmmm no.

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