chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Secret Santa! Ippatsu Hicchuu!! Devander

For one of my Anime-Planet Secret Santa anime choices I was given this lovely strange ova treat. I'm pretty impressed with my Santa for finding this "gem" that I haven't seen yet... Not too sure if I'm happy I saw this though...


Human and horse meet robot and mecha horse!

What's with the arms on that horse?! D:








Positive Points

  • Very random
  • Makes fun of mecha series
  • Onii-chan can do it dance
  • Mecha horse
  • Space cows

Oh tell me what to do lord Haro Ball!

Being scared means being naked!








What's wrong creepy horse?!

Negative Points

  • Very random
  • Ugly as sin character designs
  • Scary "normal" horse
  • Pulls random shit out of no where
  • Goes no where

Peddle with all your might!









These are fail "winning" balls...

Why chii thinks you should watch it

This OVA was created in commemoration of Tatsunoko Productions 50th anniversary. Clearly to make fun of all the other mecha series they have done. If like me, you like strange random ova's that are short this is for you. Cow aliens coming to Earth for who knows what reason should be good enough to draw you in but I'll tell you a little more. A boy of course is the only one that can save the Earth, so says a Gundam Haro like ball with a mecha HORSE! Luck is the best way to defeat these cows and powers the horse. This of course is done by using one of those ball machines that we always see in anime where if you get a gold ball or any colour other than white you win a cruise or a trip to a hot spring or something fun! If all that wasn't WTF enough for you the boy gets to wear a power suit while he goes for the gold but he must stay positive or else the suit will disappear and he will be butt naked... It happens a lot... When a loosing ball comes out these strange little beings emerge and fight but don't do so well. They are like pawns I guess? The winning ball beings aren't much better looks wise but at least they are powerful and can defeat the cow foes! Will those pesky cows try to invade again?? Maybe we'll find out in another 50 years...

Time to regroup!

I dunno why your luck isn't working either...









Oh boy those gold balls.........

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