366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 68/366 Jungle De Ikou

Day 68/366

Jungle De Ikou is many strange things but at it's core it's about a normal school girl who just wants to get through a "normal" day.

I'm not even 100% sure this is her uniform but it sure looks like it to me. It's a wacky coloured sailor suit with a blue skirt and a lime green top. She has a huge red bow but only she wears that silly skull necklace. It certainly fits in with the rest of the anime because this is one strange one. The boy next to her is the only boy that really shows up in the show that happens to be one of her classmates. I dunno if it's just coincidence but since he's wearing a lime green shirt with a white trim around the arms and collar I can only assume that is the boy uniform. He wears black shorts because where they are it is quite hot all the time so wearing pants would be just mean.

Overall: I don't think so...

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 74/365 Natsumi Rokudo

Day 74/365

Natsumi Rokudo

From the anime Jungle De Ikou, Natsumi Rokudo is the young daughter of an archaeologist. He gave her an ancient sculpture that turns out to be how Aham, the God of Earth, can get into contact with Natsumi through a dream. He gives her a magical skull necklace that ables her to transform into the sexy goddess Mii.

Why I like her: She takes on her new roll with general acceptance. Shocked of course at first but eventually realizes that she must embrace this new power and use it for good.

Why I hate her: Although she was very accepting of her new roll after a while she complains constantly about her situation.

Overall: Check out the video below enough said.

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