366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 52/366 Thriller Restaurant

Day 52/366

Kaidan Restaurant is about a bunch of young kids that like to figure out supernatural things in their town.

Like my Gundam 00 post these "uniforms" technically aren't even uniforms BUT we do always see the kids wearing these. At school, at home, at haunted houses... It's pretty rare to see an elementary student actually wearing a uniform too unless the anime they are in demands it and the effort was put in. The boys outfit is very boyish and quite snazzy with his long black shirt and long gray shorts. His icky army green tie actually suits him pretty well because of his hair and his suspenders are adorable. The girl with the glasses seems to be the most childish having an easter egg being the main inspiration for her outfit. Her pink and white stockings are pretty cute but scream clown to me because of her awkward yellow puffy shorts with the tassels. I do like how she is wearing a long sleeved pink shirt and has a yellow t-shirt over top of her strange white haft apron thing she has going on. The last girl is pretty much wearing 2 dresses over top of each other, one being a lighter shade of purple than the other. Pretty simple but of all their outfits hers resembles a school uniform the most (other than the boys) because of that cute thin string bow tie.

Overall: If I was still a kid I'd wear any of these. As an adult I'd probably only wear the purple one though.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 212/365 Ghastly Garçon

Day 212/365

Ghastly Garçon

From the anime Kaidan Restaurant, Ghastly Garçon is the manager and waiter for the Kaidan Restaurant. He introduces every spoOooky meal during the start of the show and likes to see you off at the end hoping to see you back next time.

Why I like him: He's a waiter ghost! I'd love to go and eat at that restaurant... Providing the food isn't too weird. Eyeball soup, no thank you.

Why I hate him: Impossible. You can see that adorable little bow tie up there right? 😀

Overall: Cute for random horror stories but that's about it.

Yes, ghosts like to boogie down!

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