On the Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Nine Silly Catgirls

On the Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Nine Silly Catgirls,
Eight Transformations,
Seven Gundam Universes,
Six Macross Titles,
Five Delicious Openings,
Four Quirky One Shots,
Three Big Contenders,
Two Amazing Rivals,
and Char Aznable on a Horse

Nyaa~ Picture by himehi.

Who doesn't like catgirls! Here's some lovely kitty ladies that have wandered across some 2010 anime leaving their paw prints everywhere.

Strike Witches - Sanya V. Litvyak

Kitty Witch!

Omamori Himari - Himari Noihara

Kitty Maid!

Mayoi Neko Overrun - Nozomi Kiriya

Kitty Cook!

Kaitou Reinya - Kaitou Reinya

Kitty Theif!

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Ruri Gokou

Kitty Otaku!

Koihime Musou - Their leader: Moukaku. Her minions: Shamu, Tora, and Mike.

Kitty Warriors!

Asobi ni Iku yo - Eris

Kitty Alien!

Asobi ni Iku yo - Durel

Kitty Doctor!

Sex Pistols - Norio Tsuburaya

Kitty BOY!

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First Impressions of Winter Anime Batch 2

This is the second batch of shows that don't get more than a little blurb from me.

Ookami Kakushi

I honestly don't really know what happened in this first episode... it was THAT boring... People are comparing it to Higurashi but I dunno. I suppose I'll re-watch episode 1 when episode 2 comes out 😛





Hanamaru Youchien

There really isn't much to say about this one. Male kindergarten teachers first day. Meets an eccentric little girl that will obviously cause him problems. A LOT of problems. I don't like kiddy type anime very much but we'll see. It did manage to get a few giggles out of me... along with a lot of facepalms...



That's kinda cute...

Wait what?









Kaito Reinya

Cute little shorts about a cat thief that hides undercover as a police lady.

Hidamari Sketch × ☆☆☆

On my won't watch list. I hated all the other seasons... I've sat through enough of it.

Cobra The Animation

Stalled till later on. I want to watch the Space Adventure Cobra series before I dive into this new one.

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~A Look at Anime to Come~ Winter 2010

As promised from my other post, here is a breakdown on my first thoughts of the Winter 2010 series that are coming out. I used the follow up winter chart from chartfags to gather this list. All in all the only show I'm looking forward to watching is Durarara. Katanagatari (if it comes out) would be my number 2 choice. I have very little interest in anything else but Hidden God and Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 look like they might hold some potential. So-Ra-No-Wo-To also looks interesting but I'm afraid of series that revolve around music. Normally I end up hating them because I don't enjoy the music. Anyway here we go!

Baka alright...

Baka alright...

Just reading this little synopsis makes me shake my head. While it might sound like an ok idea on paper, I can't see this working out so well on the screen. More so judging by this picture there are only females aside from that one male in the middle.  (there might be another in the right corner but whatever :P) Right away I see they are throwing the main idea out the window for this anime and just going to make it about this dude and these girls running around school with magical powers. If it actually keeps it's focus on the "battle of the classes" this anime might be enjoyable enough to get an average rating. School life anime are very difficult for me to get into because they are almost always the same and that gets pretty tiresome after a while. I'm hoping that this magic element will be able to hold my interest with a good cast of characters as well because if the characters suck it doesn't matter how awesome the plot is, it just won't be enjoyable.

An ass? -.-

An ass? -.-

Wow... I like a good ecchi romp every now and then but this is just trying WAY too hard to be over the top. I generally dislike any anime that feeds the hoards of men that want to jerk off to every hot/cute anime girl they see. Nasty lol. Hopefully this show will not take it's self seriously and will be able to make me laugh. Because honestly a club about pantsu.... at school? This sounds hilarious but might fail hard so my hopes aren't too high for this one. This might be a good ecchi follow up for my beloved Sora no Otoshimono airing from fall. Good recommendations for each other that's for sure.

More vampires to feel the screaming fans...

More vampires to feel the screaming fans...

Now I'm no vampire fan. Actually one might say that I am very much against all the hype these creatures get. Because don't get me wrong... Vampires are cool but when they have been used so much in anime let alone in real life stuff it gets very tiresome. *shakes fist at Twilight* Or maybe I'm just a hater for no other reason than people seem to love them even if what they are in is shitty. Anyway I get the feeling like this is an anime version of Blade or something. So it could hold some potential for being good. It better blow me away with some amazing action and blood. I'm hoping yet again that a show this season will surprise me.

Military fight!

Misfits together for some awesomeness!

Now right away this title has me at the mere mention of "from the creators" of BACCANO! I love Baccano to bits. If I was an anime character I would seriously be Miria. Reading this synopsis it tells me right away that they are sticking with their love of a tonne of interesting quirky characters. I am deeply interested in this headless Irish fairy. Will it drink all the time? XD What information is this vendor selling? What does this underworld doctor mean? Does he treat demons or something? So many questions! I hope to be filled to the max with non stop action and some weird romance thrown in there along with maybe a little gore. Baccano sure was a nice surprise for gore! I'm so looking forward to this show!



I'm generally all for weird randomness in shows. But this one doesn't do it for me. I doubt this will get picked up by fansubbers anyway because season 2 and season 3 haven't been finished yet. This is very niche humour.

Kindergarten in the title... this does not bode well

Kindergarten in the title... this does not bode well.

Moe nastiness. I'll never understand these type of shows let alone why people like to watch shows about really young kids. Is it the huge eyeballs? The carefree feeling of being a kid again? .... The innocence? *barfs* At least in Kyou no Go no Ni the kids were after each other... Not teachers.

Please be more like The Twelve Kingdoms and NOT like Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play.

Please be more like The Twelve Kingdoms and NOT like Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play.

I'm all for people being sucked into another world and being told they are the only one that can save it. Overused yes, but what these other worlds hold are generally a lovely mix of fantasy and adventure. I would like to think that this is going to be some epic awesome adventure like The Twelve Kingdoms but I have a really bad fear that it will not deliver on  that part and focus on these 8 bishies that are to "protect" her. More like fight over which one gets to make out with her.... Oh which one will it be? XD

How.... no WHY are they making more of this?

How.... no WHY are they making more of this?

I have a deep deep seeded hatred for this franchise.... I will be the first to admit I thought it all was going to suck. But I did enjoy the first Pretty Cure when I sat down to watch it. (Kinda how I was with Sailor Moon way back when but ended up liking it and starting down the terrible anime fan path XD) After that first season though things went down hill REALLY fast and I found myself struggling to finish episodes let alone keep going to get to each different series. So you may be thinking at this point well why keep watching? My answer is that I was the one that wrote all the synopsis and took the screen shots for each and every one that are listed on Anime-Planet. I still have a few more titles to add which is why I will be watching this one as well. Purely to add it to the database. I will most likely put it in my stalled list after watching only enough to be able to write a proper synopsis for it. I hate you Precure. >.<

Screw trying to watch more of this.

Screw trying to watch more of this.

Yup I have nothing to say about this show. I will NOT be watching it. I sat through ALL the other ones in hopes that it would make me laugh or something but all I got was annoyance. Won't watch list for you Hidamari Sketch... Give me more Strawberry Marshmallow instead of this crap! >.<


OoOoOhhh terror.

This show will either be completely boring or totally awesome tip of your seat sitting through each episode. I'm obviously hoping for the latter but will probably get something in between. At least the graphics look really pretty. It's making me think of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni for some reason but I can't quite place my finger on why. Maybe deep down I just want something else to be as awesome as it.


Cops and robbers again!

I don't know if I should hate or like it. The story is cliche but it could just be a fun cops and robbers type show with some cute moments and lots of laughs.


*sings* Everybody was...

A martial artist setting out to discover more special swords. It sounds boring but it should have a good amount of adventure to keep me interested. I mean Naked Wolves is a show about learning sumo moves all over the world. It's totally cheesy with the art and well just plain old lame but it is oh so entertaining. LOL How can this show be worse that that one? XD

Maids vs butlers you mean?

Maids vs butlers you mean?

This show seems like some weird cross between Hayate the Combat Butler! and He is My Master but in a school setting. It could hold some laughs but I'm not really interested as the whole maid/butler thing in anime has never done it for me.



Guess I should actually watch the rest of this series in order to start this one. But once again the musical aspect of it scares me. Pianos are nice but I have to be in the mood to care about them. Who knows maybe the drama will be good and distract me from the music if I hate it. Oh and this picture does look like 2 dudes. XD


Cause boys need protection from a cat girl.

*face palms* If it's not maids it's cat girls. And this one has a sword and protects a boy... *rolls eyes* Fan service at it's best I suppose. Maybe the action will be worth sitting through this crap. And who knows there might actually be some interesting plot. God I hope so....


Wait what? Breast milk?

This all seems normal till it gets to the part about getting power from breast milk to control iron? Ok seriously wtf. This is worth checking out after sitting through Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!! with all the peeing! It'll probably be so bad it's hilarious because that is exactly what happened with Ippatsu let alone the infamous Queen's Blade.

Ecchi stuffEcchi stuff

Like Nodame Cantabile: Finale I have not seen what comes before this one. So unless I watch that I will not be watching this one... and honestly I might just "forget" to get around to it. Ecchi card battles does not seem like a good combination for me.

Fighting with music.

Fighting with music.

Military + music? Ok you got me. I'm interested to see what kind of music will be used in this. Deep down I hope it doesn't suck because I would like to enjoy something other than Durarara!! this season. But having it revolve around kids doesn't help me have faith in the quality of this show.

This is just weird...This is just weird...

Uhhhh I don't get it.... Probably won't get picked up by anyone anyway. LOL

There you have it. All my thoughts on the upcoming crappy season of anime. I really hope I enjoy more than 1 show this season... It'll be a long one to get through otherwise. 😐

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