365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 323/365 Layla Hamilton

Day 323/365

Layla Hamilton

From the anime Kaleido Star, Layla Hamilton is one of the main stars of the Kaleido Stage circus. She is an amazing, hardworking performer who generally gets her way and doesn't like people intruding in on her fame. She is the daughter of Mr. Hamilton, a wealthy hotel chain owner who originally wanted Layla to be an actress but her heart clearly belongs to the circus for the time being.

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Why I like her: Layla is a total professional who expects the best from herself and her colleagues. She doesn't push everyone because she's an asshole; she pushes everyone because she wants to put on the best show possible for the audience. Anything that does not please them is a failure. She also knows exactly when to bow out. It takes a lot of integrity for someone to know the right time to call it quits.

Why I hate her: She can definitely be a jerk if you don't live up to her exacting standards. Layla calms down as the series progresses, but when it begins, she has a stick up her ass.

Overall: Kaleido Star is one of the better hard work and guts series around due to its emphasis on the hard work portion of that formula -- main character Sora doesn't get ahead because she shouts a lot and is pretty. Always loved the setting, too. Kaleido Stage is a truly magical place because of the hard work all the performers put in.

Layla and Sora

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