365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 121/365 Karin Hanazono

Day 121/365

Karin Hanazono

From the anime Kamichama Karin, Karin Hanazono is a young girl who has no parents and ends up being raised by her aunt. Her aunt was pretty rough on her as she was growing up always pushing her around until her sudden death as well. Now alone, Karin finds out from friends that the ring she has from her mother is in fact a ring that allows her to borrow the powers of the goddess Athena and in the second half of the series Aphrodite.

Why I like her: Despite all her hard times she has already endured in her short life, she is energetic and is always trying her hardest. Not much of the "Oh woe is me." act from her at all.

Why I hate her: Surprisingly no hate from me here. There's not a lot of love but she wasn't really irritating at all which is amazing since she's a magical girl. It could be that I just don't remember a lot of her bad traits. 😛

Overall: Karin is your typical magical girl but she does have a magical boy along for the ride. Not many shows feature boys in the magical boy way so it's worth watching just to see that. Karin's story is kinda cute in a way too I suppose. If you enjoyed Fruits Basket I'm sure this one would please too.

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