366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 177/366 Katte ni Kaizou

Day 177/366

Katte ni Kaizou is crude and vulgar but is completely hilarious and awesome.

These are done in a very simple style but it works SO WELL. Boys have the same old all one colour uniforms but that colour is a pale purple/blue which is TOTALLY AWESOME! I love that the cuffs have 2 dark stripes around them too. I love that the male lead wears that stripped shirt under his jacket that perfectly matches the uniform. Speaking of perfectly matching lets look at those girls. They are wearing a school sweater that I ACTUALLY like! Pretty sure it's ONLY because it's purple and anyone that knows me knows I'm pretty obsessed with purple. Like the simple white shirt and gray skirt that they wear too. Compliments everything very well.

There's these other fucking shitty tan sweaters that both genders wear randomly but well I don't like them nearly as much as the purple ones. Actually I don't like them at all.... There's this other chick that shows up that wears a blue sweater and a red plaid skirt that is pretty rad as well. Oh yeah and the girls wear their gym uniforms once. Red and white though nothing out of the norm there sadly.







Overall: Sure why not.

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