365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 172/365 Osamu

Day 172/365


From the anime Kimera, Osamu is a salesmen along with his buddy Jay. They come across an accident and are ordered to leave by the military. They couldn't leave in time and ended up in the middle of a "vampire" attack where Osamu meets Kimera and becomes linked with "her" somehow.

Why I like him: He was a hilarious lead character. Thrown into an unknown situation he made the best of it. He kept pushing forward even if he wasn't sure what he should be doing. I think he made the correct decisions in the end.

Why I hate him: No hate here. lol

Overall: I wrote a hilarious review for it over on Anime-Planet a while ago that people should check out and check out this ova. It's short and fun.

Osamu's about to get some hot test tube action.

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