366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 154/366 Lovely Complex

Day 154/366

Lovely Complex is about a short dude and a tall chick. They obviously like each other!

Oh these uniforms... Nothing too ugly but still ick. Tan sweater vests... Gray skirts and pants... Red bows for girls and red ties for boys. Some girls get to wear a pink skirt. The thing that is interesting but still darn ugly is that their school crests, if that's what they are, seem to be a solid red star on the left side of their shirts... So strange but props for being unique I guess.

We have another school uniform from a girl that goes to another school show up. It's a simple ugly blue uniform with a funny floppy dark blue tie. If I had to choose between the two uniforms I'd go with the blue one for sure.

Overall: Meh.

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