366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 217/366 Lucky Star

Day 217/366

Lucky Star parody, school life, otaku~

Like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star has a pink and blue uniform. And like Azumanga Daioh these uniforms are very well known even if there's nothing special about them at all! Love the double white stripes at the bottom of the skirt~

Overall: Meh.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 65/365 Konata Izumi

Day 65/365

Konata Izumi

From the anime Lucky Star, Konata Izumi is a girl that lives only with her dad because her mom passed away. She goes to school everyday and does very well in sports even though she stays inside most of the time. The most important thing about her is her love for all things otaku. She loves anime, ero-games, manga, going to cons, and plain old video games.

Why I like her: For me only probably, the funniest part of the whole show was that 10 minutes in episode 1 where they talked about her love for chocolate cornet. The way she related pretty much everything in her life to anime was pretty funny. I know a lot of people that do this too.

Why I hate her: The bickering with Kagami was rather annoying to watch. Other than that she is the one that annoyed me the least in the entire show. Quite an accomplishment. ^_^

Overall: Otaku inside anime make me laugh. I really need to watch more shows that have them in it and maybe someday I should re-watch Lucky Star and maybe it'll grow on me a little more than the first impression it left on me. Screw you Lucky Channel! >.<


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