365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 47/365 Luna

Day 47/365


From the anime Luna Varga, Luna is one of three princesses of the kingdom of Rimbell. She is very un-princess like with her tomboy ways and being able to kick some serious ass with a sword. The goal, of course, is to save the kingdom from destruction by an evading force.

Why I like her: There is nothing really special about her except that she is the brain of a giant dinosaur. She sits in it's head (naked at first) with her butt stuck in there so she doesn't fall off. Probably has to do with the lizard tail she suddenly receives!

Why I hate her: There wasn't enough of her character really developed to hate her. So I guess you could say the underdevelopment was a let down.

Overall: The early 90's was clearly still trying to shake off the 80's style when they decided to make this anime. Lots of action with lots of WTF moments. If you are one that likes to check out past strange one shot ova's get after this one. Luna will not disappoint.

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