On the Sixth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Six Macross Titles

On the Sixth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Six Macross Titles,
Five Delicious Openings,
Four Quirky One Shots,
Three Big Contenders,
Two Amazing Rivals,
and Char Aznable on a Horse

My favourite Franchise

This year I finally sat down and watched ALL of the Macross titles. Why I put them off for so long is really a mystery to me but I'm very glad I've finally watched them all. I had a great time doing so and Macross is totally a highlight anime wise for me this year.

#1 Macross Plus

I have Macross Plus to thank for getting me more into anime so how this couldn't be my number one would just be silly. To this day I think I've seen it about 30+ times and I never tire of it. I've actually watched it twice this year so far and I might make it a third over the holidays. Everything about it is glorious to me and there's no telling me otherwise.

#2 Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

I would kill to see this one updated with new animation. Don't get me wrong here, the animation for back then was amazing but it certainly doesn't age well with newer fans who have Frontier to feast upon. The series had a movie made up condensing what happened in the series called Do You Remember Love. This movie was one of the best movie adaptations from a series I have ever seen. It was perfect. Who would have thought that singing (along with some pew pew action) to save the galaxy would be such a hit among fans.

#3 Macross Zero

Ah! The story were it all began. Words really can't describe how much I loved this ova. It was the perfect length for what it wanted to tell and the characters were just amazing. It is also one of the prettiest animations I have ever seen. My next viewing of this ova shall be downstairs on my big TV. Not on a tiny computer monitor.

#4 Macross Frontier

Team Sheryl FTW! Frontier was very enjoyable to watch and I honestly can't wait to view it again. I'll probably watch it again just before the next movie comes out of it. While a lot of it was different from what I expected, there was a lot of the same feelings I had gathered from the other series and melded into this one.

#5 Macross 7

Oh where to begin with this one. There was so much love hate going on in this series it was just too funny at times. The glorious Flower Girl to totally hating on Basara and rooting for Gamlin instead. There was much to be desired from the show and much was also given to the viewer weather they wanted it or not. Macross 7 is the longest series of them all and also has 2 ova's and one movie attached to it. I gotta say that the Macross 7 Encore ova was more enjoyed by me than the whole series. The Fleet of Strongest Women episode was the best ever where the movie The Galaxy is Calling Me was the worst of the bunch and offended me greatly. Dynamite 7 only mildly offended me since it resembled Star Trek Movie IV so much. Yes, that is the one with the whales.

#6 Macross II

I honestly need to re-watch this one because I think it might just be in the #5 spot instead of here, but I can't really remember much about it since I think I rush watched it... I did end up rating it 8/10 so I obviously enjoyed it or something.

I can't wait till the next Macross Frontier movie comes out sometime next year. ^__^

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 53/365 Mao Nome

Day 53/365

Mao Nome

From the anime Macross Zero, Mao Nome is an excitable energetic young girl. While her older sister Sara is the complete opposite. They live on a secluded island named Maya which is completely populated by the Mayan people.

Why I like her: She's a fun loving and super happy girl. When Shin arrives she instantly forms a crush on him that was super cute.

Why I hate her: While I completely understand the bickering sisters do having one myself, I hated watching the two of them go at it over very trivial things.

Overall: Oddly enough she makes me think of my own sister and I being more like Sara. It was refreshing to see a relationship in anime that I could relate so much too.

Mao and Shin underwater

Sneaky, sneaky

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