365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 264/365 Megumi Momono

Day 264/365

Megumi Momono

From the anime Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~, Megumi Momono lives in room #3 at the Narutaki Sou residents. Although she is mostly found in room #2 Ryushi's room. She use to go to school but took a year off because it became too expensive for her. She now spends all her time hanging around Narutaki Sou parting and getting into mischief.

Why I like her: She lives a pretty carefree life. She does whatever she wants and sees no issues with it. She is super cheerful almost all the time. She loves to party and make all the other tenants enjoy her company even if it is overbearing at times. She has a love for B movies and drinking, which I share. I love her hair and snaggle tooth too. They just make her so much more fun!

Why I hate her: Bellyaching over her long distance boyfriend got annoying.

Overall: Oddly this anime is super entertaining. Kinda goes downhill at the end because they try getting all serious with a plot out of no where but it's still worth watching for the antics that these interesting people get into.

Sleeping in room #2, Ryushi's room!

Empty beer makes me sad too 🙁

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