365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 286/365 Eve Tokimatsuri

Day 286/365

Eve Tokimatsuri

From the anime Megazone 23, Eve Tokimatsuri is a popular singer in the city of Tokyo. She is discovered by Shogo Yahagi to be part of a computer program named Bahamut. Over the years she has become self aware and helps Shogo discover the true nature of his world and what needs to be done.

Why I like her: She makes everyone around her feel happy and at ease. No one really knows that she is a computer but most probably wouldn't care if they found out about it either. Her programing over the years learned to be self aware which was really cool to me because it was in a non threatening kind of way for once.

Why I hate her: Sometimes she felt like a bimbo to me. Dunno. Probably cause she was a singer/idol. I had the same issues with Lynn Minmay from Macross.

Overall: Great older series of movies that fans of Macross would enjoy greatly.

Eve Tokimatsuri in Part II

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