365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 238/365 Yuta

Day 238/365


From the anime Mermaid's Forest, Yuta is a 500 year old immortal. He got that way by eating the flesh of a mermaid. Though he didn't find out he was immortal right away. Only when he wed and watched his wife age while he did not, did he come to realize that he was immortal. Now he travels around in search of another mermaid in hopes that it can help him become mortal once more.

Why I like him: While he may hate being immortal I would LOVE to be in his situation. His relation ship with Mana was very interesting to see play out.

Why I hate him: Not at all.

Overall: Yuta's adventures lead him into interesting situations and he comes across some strange things.

Yuta and Mana

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