365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 26/365 Ink Nijihara

Day 26/365

Ink Nijihara

From the anime Moetan, Ink Nijihara is a 17 year old girl whom excels in her studies and has a crush on a boy student. She is super small therefore always being confused with being a grade schooler. Sounds normal till she meets a talking duck that gives her a cell phone that transforms her into Pastel Ink. Her mission now is to help anyone and everyone who is in need of help.

Why I like her: The situations she gets into are endlessly funny. Her animal side kick duck, Arc is also great for a laugh. Her teaching of English is especially hilarious because it is wrong.

Why I hate her: Her shy attitude around the boy she likes even when transformed is super irritating. It's no wonder she gets mistaken for a child when she not only looks like it but acts like one too.

Overall: This anime parodies lots of different things/anime and miss Ink gets the job done well in making you love to laugh at her. Basically for me, in her Pastel form she is more funny than in her normal form where I found her annoying. Her paired up with this perverted duck is sure to make you smile.

Pastel Ink and Arc

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