365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 311/365 Naoto Kirihara

Day 311/365

Naoto Kirihara

From the anime Night Head Genesis, Naoto Kirihara is the older brother of Naoya and their parents sent them away when they were kids because their psychic powers were feared. Years later they escape from the laboratory, which is isolated from society, and try to make it out in the real world on their own even though they have no idea what lies out there for them.

Why I like him: He has psychokinetic powers while his brother just has telepathy. So Naoto has the best of both being able to move shit with his mind and communicate with it! Totally AWESOME! I love the way he protects his younger brother. You don't see that too often with siblings, generally they hate each other or at least fight a whole lot.

Why I hate him: Since he had a brother we had to listen to "Nii-chan" being screamed constantly throughout the show. I think he must have said it at least 5 times per episode.

Overall: The show it's self is watchable but not very memorable. I recommend it to anyone that has a psychic powers fetish. Naoto has a pretty sexy figure too that ladies can buy! lol

Naoya and Naoto generally have these depressed looks on their faces all through the anime.

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