366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 137/366 NightWalker

Day 137/366

NightWalker is about a girl who gets involved with getting rid of ghouls and other spooking beings.

This girl is barely at school so it's kind of amazing that we see her in her school uniform so much. She has a lovely tan jacket with a nicely sized red bow. I rather like the plaid skirt she wears since it matches her hair perfectly for some reason. There's another uniform we see in this show worn by one of her friends but it's just a typical sailor suit so there's not much to say about that.

Overall: Meh, I'll go either way with this one.

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Not so Secret Santa: NightWalker

Since a lot of people are involved in Reverse Thieves special Secret Santa Project, I didn't want to feel left out due to not knowing about the fun sooner. So I went on twitter and asked 7 special blog friends to choose a title for me to watch. Not so Secret Santa was born! Here's my first title suggested by predederva. We both share a love for older movies and ova's, so I can see why he thought NightWalker might be the perfect choice for me! Oh boy...

Meow Mr. Shido and Miss Yayoi.

NightWalker follows the story of Shido Tatsuhiko. A vampire that has lived for a very long time and now works for hire. Generally commissioned by Yayoi Matsunaga whom is part of the N.O.S., an anti-nightbreed crime unit. He enjoys playing with women and is generally tempting towards them because of his charm. Yayoi is one among many. He ended up saving a girl, Riho Yamazaki, when her parents ended up killed by nightbreeds. Nightbreeds are basically demons that take over weak people and do bad things. I find them pretty boring honestly. Too typical really. The story is mainly episodic, monster of the week type of show at first. Around episode 8 is kind of veers off and gets "serious". Why they do this I'm not sure. The plot or lack of might have been lost on me at some point. All I can really say it that Shido and co. chase demons and kill them. But wait there's more! Shido's past! How could we forget about that since he's a vampire and all. Shido is haunted and stalked by an older vampire than he named Cain. Cain made Shido into a vampire and he is forever haunted by the dirty deeds they did together in the past. Yes, I do want that to sound as dirty as it does. There's plenty of sexual tension between the two of them but you do have to search for it.

Cain is a weirdo.

The OP makes me feel like I'm about to start watching some kinda of old hentai with a serious plot. I'm not sure where that feeling comes from but it might be the knowledge of this show being about a vampire that makes me feel that way. It's very mellow and has the main character, Shido, walking along an alley way towards the screen. The music in general is awkward slow jazzy type music through out the series. It'll jump over to a disco sound when any excitement starts to happen. Generally a battle will try to be more like rock music but it ends up just being weird. The ED is pleasant enough but very forgettable. One image slowly gets smaller on the screen as the credits roll then switches to another. Pretty boring honestly. I generally skipped it.










Oddly the English dubbing isn't all that bad but it's far from great. It has that almost annoying feeling at times but it is totally watchable if you want to view the show without reading. What is more surprising is that the Japanese isn't much better. The voices don't match the characters at all and it just feels awkward. At least the animation wasn't hard on the eyes.

Shido saving Riho again and again...

The characters were interesting enough but ended up just being there. I mean what was with the little goblin green fairy Guni? She just kind of was around to make mean comments to whatever chick was around at the time and generally snarky comments that weren't called for to Shido. Shido on the other hand was the best character of the show and well I would hope so since the show was about him in a way. I loved how he was always wearing old timey clothing. Being a vampire I suppose it gets you stuck in the past in some ways or another. His way just happened to be fashion! Yayoi might be the second best character but not by much. Actually no Cain was even though we learned basically nothing about him but his lust for Shido. Anyway... Yayoi seems to have been made for staring in a hentai. She was always wearing slutty office lady clothing and had that bossy, sassy, slutty attitude to go with it. I think she was just put there to be non-awkward fan-service because honestly, when you really think about it, Riho, the high schooler girl annoying ass orphan brat... Not a good love interest for an ageless vampire... Although most anime fans would probably disagree with me on that.

Random pregnant lady talking with Riho...

FEEL IT!!! D: I don't know what this was about but it scared me...










I'm no fan of vampires as most might know by now. If not, you know now. I've always been rather confused at how being drained of blood feels good enough to make ladies moan with pleasure. I mean that just doesn't sound appealing in the slightest. I do see the romantic part of it I suppose, but not enough to see the infliction of puncture marks made by teeth to be sensual. Maybe I'm just lacking in that fetish department or something.


and bleed... ALOT... PLEASE! >.<










I feel like it should have been a 90's ova instead of a series. It feels like there was too much nothingness in the series. A short 45 minute episode or possibly 2 would have been perfect to get the job done properly. Even though it wasn't done properly for the most part. It tried hard I'll give it that much. But when there is only one good character in the entire show... That needs work. Horror and vampires always leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Even though I hate her, I really like this shot.

* Story 4/10
* Animation 5/10
* Sound 5/10
* Characters 4/10
* Overall 5/10

Sorry pred... Not my cup of tea. But at least I don't regret watching it! ^__^

If they did one thing right it was the odd gore.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 353/365 Shido Tatsuhiko

Day 353/365

Shido Tatsuhiko

From the anime NightWalker, Shido Tatsuhiko is a vampire for hire! He hunts down demons that possess humans and feed on their souls. He works closely with miss Yayoi Matsunaga from the N.O.S., an anti-nightbreed crime unit that solves the demon crimes and has a green fairy sidekick named Guni.

Why I like him: His clothing is a hoot! I mean just look at that suit up there! I find it quite hilarious that he bites his fingers to make some kind of blood sword to battle demons. That's just silly.

Why I hate him: He's a vampire...

Overall: lol... Vampires...


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