Not so Secret Santa: Noein

Fourth up for My Not so Secret Santa Project is Noein. It was kindly suggested by TheBigN. I didn't really have any idea what I was in store for but lets just say it was alright, lackluster ending aside...

Mysterious stuff is about to start!

Noein is complicated but not really. It's about time/space travel. In the future there is a war going on between 2 dimensions, La'cryma and Shangri-La. There is a mysterious object that could end the war called the Dragon Torc. It is located in a 12 year old girl named Haruka in our dimension basically. Thus the story revolves around her trying to survive being targeted by numerous people because of her possession of the Dragon Torc.

Just one of the groups that are fighting in this war.

The above sounds interesting but when it comes to execution the show falls flat on it's face. Everything about this show screams to have more effort put into it. When I watched the first episode I got the feeling that I was viewing another version of Denno Coil. While most people would think that is a good thing, I didn't overly enjoy that show as much as others. It was missing that 'something' I still can't quite put my finger on. Probably has something to do with annoying kids... The visuals while interesting left me wanting more from them. I sometimes felt that I couldn't really see what was happening because if there was an action scene it would blur in a flash and sometimes the characters just looked like blobs of flesh to me. The OP and ED were really nothing special to me and just something to skip to get to the next episode. Although I ended up listening to both quite often because I was just too lazy half the time to skip them. They did however fit the show very well because they gave off a meh feeling just like it! Weather that's a good thing or not I'll let you decide.

There's a lot of shots of the characters just looking like blobs.

Characters are really important to me when it comes to anime. I'd say it comes before plot honestly. Noein delivered quite well on it's characters but I just couldn't get over the childish aspect of them. Even the adults from the other dimensions felt like children. They did have a very good twist with the three main characters that I won't spoil here but it made the show worth sitting through to see what happens between them in the end. If the show only had those three characters in it and about half of the side characters that might have made things way better for me.

I did enjoy the alternate universes theme this show had. It's always fun to imagine what your other self would be like and actually being told by someone what you are like in that other world is fascinating to me. Sad or happy whatever the outcome of your other selves it would really make you think about yourself and try to make the best out of your life. At least that's the way I view it.







Overall I don't regret sitting through this show. But I probably won't recommend it to many people because of how strange the pacing was. It falls into my category of  "it's missing something to make it great" shows. It happens a lot...

Maybe it's just me but this guy screamed emo to me.

* Story 7/10
* Animation 7/10
* Sound 7/10
* Characters 7/10
* Overall 7/10

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