365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 328/365 Old Crocodile

Day 328/365

Old Crocodile

From the anime Old Crocodile, Old Crocodile is a very lazy, old crocodile! He lives with his family until one day because he is so hungry and too lazy to go catch something to eat, he eats one of his kin! Embarrassed, he slips away after the others find out. He ends up meeting a new friend, an octopus, whom he'll try his very hardest not to fall into his old ways with.

Why I like him: It's hard cause he's kinda a huge jerk, but his basic nature instinct is pretty impressive I suppose.

Why I hate him: He can't overcome hunger when around those he should not be hungry for. Who eats their own kind just because they are lazy? 😐

Overall: Fun short and really makes you think. Check it out!

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