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So since I did a favourite anime of all time list I decided to do a list of anime that just didn't do it for me. Like the favourites, making this list has some requirements. It had to have pissed me off a lot and be bad according to my tastes. I generally let a lot of bad things slide by without much thought so these anime ended up leaving a nasty enough impression on me that just made me not able to forget. I have absolutely NO desire to re-watch any of these shows and I generally can't stand the attention they get from most anime fans. Some are failed potential that betrayed my feelings so much that I just can't let it go and some are sequels that completely let me down.

Filling done by narumi (blue monday)

If one of your favourite anime happens to be on this list do not bother leaving flame comments. It will be deleted. Take note that everyone in this world is completely different and so their tastes are different as well. Some people are more compatible than others. If one anime happens to be a masterpiece for someone could be another's poison. These happen to be my poisons! Like my Favourites List I'll update this one when something decides to be a terrible anime that just has to make the list.

Originally done by yukkii (dodaira)

1. Clannad (Especially Clannad After Story)

2. Full Moon wo Sagashite

3. Beck

4. Aria the Animation (Only watched Season 1 of the franchise)

5. Green Green (Dropped at episode 3)

6. Yumeria

7. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou / Quiet Country Cafe

8. Kanon 2002 (I will not touch the 2006 version with a 9000 foot poll)

9. Adventures of Mini-Goddess (Tried watching 3 different times and could only get through 3 episodes each time)

10. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (Only watched Season 1 of the franchise)

11. Real Drive

12. Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka

13. Akikan!

14. Aoi Hana

15. Kiss x sis (Dropped the series at episode 3 somehow watched all of the ova)

16. Munto / Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai

17. Yosuga no Sora

18. Chu-Bra!!

19. Kanokon

20. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Picture done by natsu (norari kurari)

21. To Heart

22. Loveless

23. Amagami SS

24. Chaos;Head

25. Crystal Triangle

26. Smash Hit

27. Love Love?

28. Cosprayers

29. Bus Gamer

30. Eiken

31. Roots Search

32. Kampfer

33. Naruto

34. Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

35. Futakoi

36. DearS

37. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~

38. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

39. Hidamari Sketch (Finally learned to stop watching when they came out with a season 3)

40. Ichigo 100%

41. Shugo Chara!

42. Suzuka

43. Needless

44. Beet the Vandel Buster

45. Twilight Q

46. Kiddy Girl-and

47. Graduation

48. King of Bandit Jing

49. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

50. Real Bout High School

Picture done by qinni

51. K-On!

52. Kurogane no Linebarrels

53. Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru / Betrayal Knows My Name

54. Seitokai no Ichizon

55. Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no Sketch~

56. Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

57. Sasameki Koto

58. Heroman

59. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

60. Hanaukyo Maid Team

61. Mouse

62. Blue Flames

63. Idol Project

64. Sister Princess

65. Kannagi

66. Nineteen 19

67. One

68. UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie

69. Panzer Dragoon

70. Violence Jack

71. Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature

72. Lime-iro Senkitan

73. Star of Cottonland

74. White Album

75. Final Approach

76. Kodomo no Omocha

77. Lovely Idol

78. Itsudatte My Santa!

79. California Crisis: Gun Salvo

80. Sora o Kakeru Shoujo / Girl Who Leapt Through Space

Picture done by nekokun

81. Only Yesterday

82. Magic Knight Rayearth

83. Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-

84. Angel Beats!

85. MM!

86. Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me

87. Ookami Kakushi

88. Pretty Cure Splash Star

89. Otaku no Video

90. Kokoro Toshokan

91. Wedding Peach

92. Manabi Straight!

93. Witchblade

94. Witch Hunter Robin

95. Mobile Suit Gundam X

96. Hyper Police

97. Elfen Lied

98. Death Note

99. Martian Successor Nadesico

100. Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! / I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother! (We'll see if I can actually finish this one and if so it's going much higher on the list for sure)

Picture done by koutamii

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Review of 2010 Anime Part 1 ~Winter~

Like last year I made it a goal to watch everything that aired this year. With a few exceptions of course. Season 2 of shows I haven't seen were counted out and shows that I had seen a lot of but knew I couldn't just stomach anymore. Yup that means no Hidamari Sketch for me this winter! I still can't stand that so many seasons of it are being made... Cobra The Animation was the only other show I didn't watch that aired. It is something I've been wanting to watch for a while and this as certainly bumped it up in my want to watch list. Here we go with Winter's Aired Anime.

Winter actually was a really short season with only 13 shows that aired. Katanagatari started but it only showed one episode per month for the entire year so I don't quite count it. Only 2 shows ended up being 24 episodes (Durarara and Qwaser) and carried onto Spring where all the others were 12-13 episodes. So everything pretty much ended for new spring anime to take over the airwaves.

Winter honestly was a pretty boring season. It had some winners but half my list is on the lower half, out of 10 score wise for only 13 series... Everything was new except for Hidamari Sketch, Cobra, and Heartcatch but since I only started Heartcatch that didn't really matter to me. I was expecting new and fresh from everything but all I got was lame and crappy for the most part.

Katanagatari did something new. Something I haven't ever really seen before. Well in more ways than one honestly. Some of it was cliche like the one episode per sword capture type deal but mostly it was unique. The art and music were amazing and not to mention that you only got one episode per month! That was something special to me. I had always honestly wondered why no one had ever really done a show like that before (There might have been but I'm too lazy to research it) spanning an entire year with 12, 45 minute episodes. Generally I hate shows that have long air dates but Katanagatari was reliable for when it was going to come out. So I knew I would get my show once a month no matter what.


Best Show of winter for me, aside from Katanagatari because that is the winner for overall best anime of 2010 was Durarara. I was looking forward to it from the moment I saw it announced. I watched the first episode and wrote a little something about it and then I actually ended up waiting till it was finished to watch anymore. I'm SO glad I waited too because there's nothing worse than waiting to see one of your favourite shows one episode at a time over many, many weeks. Some people love that but I just can't stand it with something I'm totally into.

Worst Show of winter for me would be Chu-Bra... Even though it's THE only series I have "successfully" blogged all the way through... ._. ...I love panties but not from the eyes of a 12 year old. I'm not even going to chew this anime out anymore. I think I've done that enough already. Urrg.

The main cast of Chu-Bra.

Here's my big list of Best to Worst shows of winter 2010:

  1. Durarara 10/10
  2. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 8/10
  3. Hanamaru Youchien 7/10
  4. Sora no Woto 7/10
  5. Heartcatch Pretty Cure (still airing) 6/10
  6. Seikon no Qwaser 5/10
  7. Dance In The Vampire Bund 4/10
  8. Ookami Kakushi 4/10
  9. Ladies Versus Butlers 4/10
  10. Omamori Himari 2/10
  11. Chu-Bra 1/10

A slice of life show I can get behind!

Ookami Kakushi's all about the oranges.

Surprise enjoyment: Hanamaru Youchien I expected to be just another one of those perverted school kid shows that everyone thinks is cute. It ended up being much, much more.

Surprise fail: Ookami Kakushi I don't even know what that was...

Honorable mentions: Cobra I honestly can't wait to sink my teeth into. I put off watching the new one because I haven't seen the old. This is something I shall be completing in the year to come for sure. Sora no Woto I actually expected to hate a lot more than I ended up. It was total win though. Well not total, it could have been a little less slice of war life like and a little more awesome even though what was there in general was pretty darn awesome. I'm still not sure of my overall thoughts of the show. Heartcatch has brought Pretty Cure back up to my magical girl standards. It was shattered with Fresh last year so I was expecting the worst. Thankfully I got the best. Seikon no Qwaser I think digiboy said it best here "purposefully awesomely bad".

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 84/365 Mana Kuzumi

Day 84/365

Mana Kuzumi

From the anime Ookami Kakushi, Mana Kuzumi is Hiroshi's younger sister at 12 years old. She was in a car accident and ended up bound to a wheelchair because of it.

Why I like her: Nope no like here not happening. Well I guess I did like her hat....

Why I hate her: In a cast full of useless characters she is the most useless. Yes I know it's harder to be more useless than Hiro but she literally has no purpose in this anime. I can only assume she was there to be cute.

Overall: Wanna go watch an actual interesting mystery anime about a small town? Go watch Higurashi. Do go over and read some fun entries over on Shinmaru's blog.

Mana with her brother Hiro

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Ookami Kakushi 04-05

Nothing wrong with a little kissing in the ally way. Right?

I don't know what it is about this anime but I can not take it seriously for the life of me. It tries to be serious too which makes it even harder. I think it's mainly because the characters are not likable at all for me. Maybe it's the sexual desire that this disease or whatever is happening in the town gives off. It's trying really hard to be all mysterious but it just comes out as funny with how they are portraying it.

"The Parading Red Firefly"

There be those oranges again

Will you ever get to have your way with him?

Maybe not she's so going to get in the way ;_;







I don't have much to say about episode 4 except I'm happy they showed what goes on at night a little more. "The Parading Red Firefly" is the weird urban legend of these mysterious people whom murder by night. And they seem to go after people who have "fallen in love" or something... Hiroshi was around to witness their appearance tonight but suddenly they vanished with all evidents gone except the girl's (from the very beginning of the episode kissing her boyfriend) hair clip with a spot of blood upon it.

Spying on creepy people isn't good

Very very creepy people...








You might end up dead like her

Issei seems to be having the love reaction or something because it's starting to make him go crazy. He'll soon probably end up like the girl from the last episode. Or there might possibly be more to his situation than meets the eye. Suzu's brother complex grows with this issue of his. I love how he still has the sweater that Hiroshi was wearing always wrapped around his body as well.

Slowly going crazy...

...and they know it...







On the prowl again!

This is just funny now








Got ya!

mmm love drool








Boo that kiss should have been for Hiroshi

But the better of the disease got to him and the night killer came for him. I enjoyed his stalking of Hiroshi though. Too bad the girl who confessed her love to him earlier got in the way. 😛 Suzu mourns for her brother because he was killed. I'll miss him too don't worry little Suzu.

We got to see her face! I'd be sad too if I just killed the most entertaining cast member.

Odd things to leave someone when you just killed their brother. XD

"Brother was murdered" It's ok little Suzu I miss him too but you knew it was coming.








I want the oranges explained now please. ^_^

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Ookami Kakushi, Dance In The Vampire Bund, & Omamori Himari – 02 & 03

Ookami Kakushi

Episode 2 nothing happened... like nothing. Well some stuff happened at the VERY end for like 2 minutes but it was more like a teaser trailer. I wish they'd get on with it because I'm starting to get super annoyed with the characters. There isn't one I like and I hope they all get killed by that scythe lady that hops around in the night. *grumbles* Hiroshi acts and looks like a girl too.

Slicey slice

Why does everyone like him???

Episode 3 they went on a picnic... Throw in some fanservice moments and that's all that happened in the first half.


Some super creepy parts by the really annoy blond chicks brother, Issei happened in the second part. He's weird and I want to find out more. Hiroshi got a fever from splashing around during the picnic and needed to go to the hospital for some medicine so Issei took him. They had a very interesting car ride back home.

Oh my!

Oh MY!

I think he wants a kiss

I think he doesn't want a kiss

Going in for that smooch!

Oh no the pretty orange dashboard scent maker got smashed in all the commotion.

The scent filled the car.

Eye crazed...

Back to "normal"

Erm... Sorry! Joking!

The episode ends with Issei smelling a shirt that Hiroshi was wearing as he waves to the kids going off to school together. LOL


So far there's not much to say about this show. It's slow but catchy somehow. I do hate all the characters but at least the odd moments with Issei make me laugh. I like weird sexual situations. XD I think that the oranges are showing some sort of foreshadowing... but I could be totally wrong about that. The pills make me wonder too. They drew too much attention to them.

Hiroshi taking his medicine.

Issei taking some medicine after the weirdness.













Dance In The Vampire Bund

Episode 2 Vampires have never interested me and this anime isn't drawing me in with that. I don't overly enjoy the fanservice in it either. Was there really a point to that special oil that needed to be rubbed on Mina scene? I don't think so. I do like the male lead though, Akira. He's always questioning and has a hidden past that he can't rememeber. Sure that's a little cliche with the memory loss and all but he does find out that he is a werewolf part of the Earth clan, which is awesome. 😛


Saved the princess

Episode 3 picks up right where the last left off... they are in bed O.o and of course she goes to his school now... The rest of the students are not very happy about that. Turns out she is the Chairman of the school and declares Akira her servant. The student council President hates that Mina is at the school now and puts out a warrant for Akira's capture. In the end he wasn't caught and went back to Mina's place. During the night something terrible happened to the student council President that Mina was clearly aware of.

A very unhappy student President

Maybe lol





What the...

Omamori Himari

Episode 2 beach episode starting off with going shopping for swimsuits. At least the ED is cute... Shizuku failed to kill the "demon slayer" which made her demon buddies angry at her and want to replace her if she can't finish the job. uh oh!

How does it go from this... this? How'd she get her top back on?








Better not fail again Shizuku





Episode 3 after some bath play they go to work in a cafe for the rest of the episode. The fanservice continues.

Bathtime is so much fun

Kitty maid

Blushing maid

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