366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 59/366 Ouran High School Host Club

Day 59/366

Ouran High School Host Club is about a school that teaches the wealthiest of children.

Since the main female lead crossdresses we don't overly see her in the girl school uniform. So we get to see it on any background girl character in the show. They wear a pale yellow long dress that has those poofy shoulder pads which I don't overly like. I do like that they have huge white cuffs though. They have a lovely thin red bow tie as well. I don't overly like this uniform because all yellow is generally very ugly when it comes to clothing.

The boy uniforms are probably one of the most well known boy uniforms around. Having a baby blue jacket and the school crest on the breast. They wear a white shirt with a black tie. Simple but effective. I can't personally say I love these uniforms but I appreciate them for being a little different from the norm.

Overall: Not even having a girl crossdressing in the boy uniform would make me want to wear it. And of course hell no to the girl one.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 280/365 Tamaki Suoh

Day 280/365

Tamaki Suoh

From the anime Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki Suoh is a second-year student at Ouran High School and the founder and president of the Host Club. (A club that will for a price entertain female "clients".) He is extremely passionate, motivated, and kind, always ready to help people with the help of the club or on his own. He is considered the most attractive of the hosts and is always in demand.

***The rest of this post is written by ThePatches. Wish him a happy birthday cause today is the big day!***

Why I love him: He's equal parts smooth charmer and crazy insecure. He can put the moves on any high school chica he wants one moment and then sink into deep depression of the smallest offhand comment by Haruhi the next. Also, he lives his life to the fullest, NEVER ashamed of doing what he thinks is right, fun, or best for his friends.

Why I hate him: Well, he's never quite honest with himself over his feelings for Haruhi. As a result, he does a lot of things that hurt himself and ultimately cause a lot of trouble for the club.

Overall: Tamaki is a good time. He got the bratty Hitachiin twins and the super-proper Kyouya to join his club and properly identified Hunny as a stuffed-bunny-loving cake-eater. Though the rest of the cast is a little spicier at times, Tamaki is the glue that holds the host club together at its core.

Ouran High School Host Club wants YOU!

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Happy Valentines Day

Since I'm going to Anime Boston in April 2-4 I thought this video would be fitting for my Valentines Day Romance AMV

Anime Boston Winner Best Romance Video 2008 By kiarrens Music: Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton

Happy Valentines Day see you at Anime Boston ^_^"

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