Secret Santa 2014

Going to do one huge post since I don't have much to say about any of my Secret Santa shows this year.... I live tweeted each show while I watched them but still didn't have much to say so yeah... Not a good secret santa year for me!

Overman King Gainer

So I start off with the one I disliked the most... Which is odd since I had hopes for this one actually being good. I generally enjoy a good/bad mecha show too. But when people on twitter were saying things like "I have a soft spot in my heart for this show" I knew I was either going to love it or hate it. Basically I can see why someone would enjoy this show since it really reminded me a lot of Turn A Gundam and not many people like that show either. But unlike Turn A Gundam which I love, I really couldn't get into King Gainer mainly because of the characters. I couldn't get invested in any of them. I didn't care about any of them at all so that alone made the show doomed for me. The character and mecha designs were hideous as hell too which doesn't normally bother me but wowow.

* Story 5/10
* Animation 4/10
* Sound 5/10
* Characters 5/10
* Overall 5/10

Romeo x Juliet

So I've never been a huge fan of Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet isn't one I'd consider great or interesting to me at all because I'm not overly a fan of romance. Tragedy I am a fan of though so at least there is that. Sadly the tragedy in Romeo and Juliet just didn't do it for me in this version. It doesn't help that the 2 lead characters that the show is about were the worst lead characters I've seen in quite a while. If it wasn't for the super strong secondary cast my score would have been much lower. I am also glad the show ended the way it did otherwise this little blurb I'm writing would have been written right after I viewed the show and would be full of much ranting and hatred. But SAVED!

* Story 4/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 6/10
* Overall 6/10

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran

And now the best show I watched from the bunch but that's saying a lot since.. well... It was still pretty meh. I generally like samurai shows and this was honestly no exception. My biggest issue with this show was her annoying sidekick that roamed the country side with her. This samurai slice of life show is what Kenshin would have been without the plot and a female lead instead of a dude of course. I didn't hate it, didn't love it. I can't say more since most of it was pretty forgettable except for her roaming from town to town in search of sake to drink. I'd enjoy having a few bottles with her and listening to some of her stories if she were a real person. Drinking is what we have in common after all.

* Story 7/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 7/10
* Overall 7/10

El Cazador de la Bruja was also on my Secret Santa list but having gone through 3 meh anime already I didn't want to sit through another one that I KNEW was going to me meh or worse because I really didn't enjoy Noir (the 'best' of the girls with guns trilogy) or Madlax... The bf has to watch Bruja with me anyway and he had like no time and still has no time to watch shows with me. SAVED!

Finally Yugo The Negotiator is my Anime-Planet Secret Santa's choice but I'm only one episode into it at the moment so I don't have much to say about it yet. It has a dub so I'm watching that for the possibility of finishing it before tomorrow evening but the dub is pretty terrible I don't know if I'll be able to do that for much longer... but if I keep up with my drinking it will have to do. 😛 We'll see! I'll edit in my review for it later if I manage to finish it. I'm expecting it to be ok but not as good as say Flag which is what it really reminds me of.

Happy Holidays to all~

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