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So I've decided to go to Anime Boston and like the last time I went, I want to dress up. Hopefully better than the first time... Though to be fair it was still pretty good considering. This will clear off goal #7 of my anime goals. I really need to fix that goals list because a lot of the stuff isn't doable for me anymore. Talk about biting off more than I could chew!

My ideas so far:

 Sooooooo yeah! Which one does everyone think I should go with? Or maybe you have a better suggestion? As long as it isn't too crazy and actually possible I shall consider it! A poll is on the right for people to vote in.

Help me out here!

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Popee the Performer: A Show EVERYONE Should EXPERIENCE










A while ago (August 1st 2011) BakaBT bravely added this anime to their database. I'm always on the lookout for awesome new strange things, so that very day I picked up Popee the Performer without hesitation. I had no idea what I was in for since I don't really read anything about a show before I watch it. (Sometimes I read a synopsis but that's about it) I saw the main picture on the site for this show and that's it in this case. Little did I know, I was diving into a cult of clown madness.

There just happens to be 39 of these amazing 4 minute episodes to sink your teeth into. 2 and a half hours worth! All of them are on Youtube too! I watched them about a week after I downloaded them. And I gotta say it was quite the experience. The bf would occasionally walk in being like @[email protected] "WTF are you watching NOW?!" Of course I couldn't answer him with a straight face. "Oh I'm just watching murderous clowns in anime form apparently." You know! The normal anime stuff! To me this was just another crazzzzzzzy journey in my anime fandom and I simply forgot about it for a while.


AND Christmas wallpapers! Awesome!











A few months go by and some Anime-Planet peeps caught wind of this show. I didn't really advertise about it right away when I watched it for some reason. I generally do when I watch something as crazy and twisted as this but well to me it was just another Funny Pets or Ga-Ra-Ku-Ta: Mr. Stain on Junk Alley. Hilariously enough ALL DONE BY THE SAME DUDE. Honestly I should have made Popee the Performer known to the others sooner because the re-watch with these folks was something special as you can read in the thread linked above!








Now, another few months go by and I decided one day that it was clearly time that the #sccsav anime watching group known as #terribad NEEDED to watch this "treasure". It had been a while since I had taken part of this particular viewing group since I'm pretty shy (LOL) and all but I was all alone this weekend and I do CRAZY things like MAKE PEOPLE WATCH Popee the Performer with me! Good times were had by all! Some cursed my name! Others wow'd it! All in all great reactions! In the end I believe everyone had a great time. I'm sure more Popee the Performer posts will surface very soon so watch out for those! I'll update this post with them as they are created!

A perfect picture of what Popee represents methinks!

I ship this!

Anyway yeah, all that blabbering above doesn't really tell you ANYTHING about Popee the Performer at all ehh? Honestly knowing NOTHING is probably best going into this show but I guess I'll "explain" what Popee the Performer is all about! Popee the Performer is about clowns goofing off doing clown things! Honestly that's IT! Oh yeah and it's TOTALLY made for KIDS! Sometimes some really weird SUPER violent shit goes down (like every episode looool) and they do get visited by an alien a few times. That's pretty sweet. Gotta say that my favourite characters are the Frog and the Elephant. They are useless side "characters" but it's great to root them on. Elephant does some pretty amazing things honestly and poor Frog... You'll weep for him too I assure you. Popee himself is pretty awesome. I ship him with Papi because they are CLOWN BROS. Kedamono is the last character who happens to be a dog. He's generally the butt of a lot of the jokes but he has this pretty amazing mask on at all times. You don't wanna know what's under it that's for sure!









Oh Popee... You're pretty cute...

So yup if you aren't convinced to watch Popee the Performer yet I dunno what else to tell you. Maybe some of the other posts will encourage you to pick it up once they are written!

PS: All pictures in this post are fan art! YES, FAN ART EXISTS for Popee the Performer!

PPS: This post was totally written drunk sooo yup! 😀

PPS: I've watched Popee the Performer 3 times now.

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