366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 98/366 Potemayo

Day 98/366

Potemayo is about a creature that came out of the fridge. Oh yeah and some school kids!

These uniforms are really strange for many reasons. The first one being that the boys wear shorts. I've never seen this before but this might be due to the characters being in grade school. Secondly both boys and girls wear the same shirt. So honestly sometimes it's really hard to tell who is who gender wise if you aren't paying 100% attention to the scene. Lastly yes the shirt is the same for both genders but the fact that it is a sailor suit shirt is just weird on a boy. Maybe I'm just use to seeing them on girls all the time but on the boys it just looks odd. Oh and the blue and white colour scheme they got going on is too in your face in my opinion.

Overall: Nope not happening.

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