366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 107/366 Pretear

Day 107/366

Pretear is one of those silly reverse harem anime with magic and stuff.

Plain girl uniforms but interesting at the same time. The skirt is blue but has a lighter blue trim around the bottom with a stripe in the middle of it. I like this skirt a lot. Sadly that's about all I like. School sweaters are just... There isn't any I seem to like (not true but I'll post about that eventually). A while long sleeved one here is just... urg. Don't like that they seem to wear ugly yellow shirts under it either and the red thin bow tie is just meh.

There is a pink version of this outfit as well that switches up the bow tie to yellow and adds a blue shirt under a sweater vest... Can't say they improved this uniform in that case.

Overall: No thanks. But that blue skirt I'd buy.

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