On the Seventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Seven Pretty Cure Titles

On the Seventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Seven Pretty Cure Titles,
Six Underrated Shows,
(Twenty)Five Years of Final Fantasy,
Four Video Game Feels,
Three Idol Shows,
Two Amazing Cartoons,
and The Best Boots in All of Anime

Watched them all now so why not make a list! (ok well not all still waiting on the second season of yes to get finished but close enough right?)

1. Suite Pretty Cure

Everything about this series was pure awesome. There's only one thing that could have made it better but I won't say here because it's a pretty big spoiler for what does actually happen in the series. Best mascots ever.

2. Yes! Pretty Cure 5/GoGo!

I marathoned the first season of yes this year only because I got completely addicted to the characters. There's a pretty darn good story for this season that just kept me wanting more. Transforming mascots kick ass.

3. Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Everyone's favourite Pretty Cure series is only 3rd favourite for me. I'm all about the weak kicking ass but it's over done a lot.

4. Pretty Cure/Pretty Cure Max Heart

Where it all began. I think I wanna go back and re-watch this for the fights and kickassery. This one is the most like Sailor Moon for me.

5. Smile Pretty Cure!

The currently airing Smile just doesn't quite do it for me as much as I was hoping. Yayoi is the most annoying girl ever to me.

6. Fresh Pretty Cure!

I didn't overly enjoy this one. I didn't like the characters or the look honestly. Their Magical Girl Uniforms looked pretty ugly too. But having almost all of them go to different schools was pretty darn interesting. A shout out to Sailor Moon yet again perhaps. Most annoying mascots ever too.

7. Pretty Cure Splash Star

I hate this one with a passion... Stupid Pretty Cure 1 clone wannabe... >.<

Here's to hoping that the next Pretty Cure coming next year, Dokidoki! Pretty Cure will rock!

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Days of Anime School Uniforms: 317/366 Pretty Cure


Pretty Cure where it all began.

Pretty simple to start things off here. Nice plaid skirt with a green matching jacket (that isn't in the picture) and oddly enough this orange red vest looks good with the skirt. Can't say so much for that bow tie though... What were they thinking?!

Overall: I'll pass on the uniforms but I'll wear Cure White's magical girl uniform.

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Pretty Cure Uniform Week

Title says it all! Yay week of PreCure awesomeness!

Yay for awesome crossovers!

  1. Pretty Cure
  2. Pretty Cure Splash Star
  3. Yes! Pretty Cure 5
  4. Fresh Pretty Cure
  5. Heartcatch Pretty Cure
  6. Suite Pretty Cure
  7. Smile Pretty Cure


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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 70/365 Nagisa Misumi

Day 70/365

Nagisa Misumi

From the anime Pretty Cure plus Pretty Cure Max Heart, Nagisa Misumi AKA Cure Black is a hyper school girl that plays for the lacrosse team. When she is transformed into Cure Black she is the strong one of the two but clearly needs the help of Cure White, Honoka Yukishiro, to defeat their enemies as she can't do it alone.

Why I like her: Untransformed she's a girly girl who dreams of boys, fashion, and has a lot of stuffed animals. In her Cure form she's strong and willing to do whatever it takes to vanquish the bad guys.

Why I hate her: She can be overpowering and super bossy/moody. Her and Honoka get into a few fights because of these traits.

Overall: For a magical girl she is pretty interesting.

Cure Black (left) fighting with her Cure partners.

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