Secret Santa 2015

Good old Matataku Santa

Good old Matataku Santa

So like most years now I've been taking part in the Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project and the Anime Planet one. It really is always fun to take part in these to see just what people will recommend someone else to watch. This year I gotta say I truly only enjoyed 1 of my 6 titles, was meh towards 1, hated 2, and didn't watch 2. The 2 I didn't watch I do plan on watching one of them still over the holidays and the other I plan on doing a giant watch with it since it is part of a big franchise.

Devil-May-Cry Poster

I'll start off with the Anime Planet one that I'm most indifferent to first.

Devil May Cry I honestly do not have much to say about it. It exists I guess. It will likely make you want to play the game instead of watching this 12 episode TV series which pretty much has an episodic tone to it while you watch Dante mow down monsters in a monster of the week fashion. I know I wanted to play instead of watch while I was viewing this that's for sure. The action wasn't very interesting. There wasn't really a story. Characters were pretty bland except for Dante himself and the dude that gave him jobs. An annoying child showed up in the first episode and never left. Her alone made the dub pretty terrible to sit through but the series its self would have been worse to sit through if I didn't watch the dub...

* Story 6/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 6/10
* Overall 6/10

Trinity Blood

The next Anime Planet series was worse than I thought it was going to be... I thought it was going to be boring but passable... Instead it just made me rage by the end of viewing it.

Trinity Blood is one of those shows that actually has a LOT of potential but fails in EVERY aspect. Shows are always taking a risk when they mix two genres together like Science Fiction and Supernatural. Except sadly in this case it was way more supernatural with hints of sci-fi thrown in and had a heavy religious tone to it. Honestly if the show focused on the sci-fi aspect of the show more than the supernatural crap it would have been a million times better. But instead we get to sit through the main character chasing after monsters and meeting a lot of new and crappy people along the way. Most of which we never see again.

I mean seriously they got old bad-ass tech left over from the Armageddon that occurred making things look super steampunk and cool like that but we rarely get to see any of it. I honestly really wish they went into greater detail about the past and how shit got the way it was. It really REALLY would have made for a better story!!

I will give the main character dude credit though... That scythe of his was BADASS!

* Story 2/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 5/10
* Characters 5/10
* Overall 3/10

Princess Nine 01

The first show I watched from my Reverse Thieves Batch I went into with great caution...

Princess Nine gets all kinds of praise for girl power and fighting the man within the baseball realm. Which was probably the only real interesting part of the show yet it was BARELY covered. I think there were 2 really good rara women can do anything a man can do episodes in the entire show and maybe a handful of moments randomly in other episodes. What this show was really about was a lot of shitty romance followed with the all the drama that comes attached to poopy love triangles and lost loves of the past.

I'm not sure why people like this show honestly. I thought the characters sucked (except for the stereotypical drunk coach since I enjoy drunk characters), the story sucked (for something billed as a baseball anime it sure did have very few baseball moments), the looks and sounds of the show were terrible. I mean look at those uniforms in that picture... Talk about cut and paste fill in the colours with paint!!

Anyway I did have a whole lot more to complain about in great detail but I honestly do not feel like giving this show anymore time than I already have... :\

* Story 1/10
* Animation 1/10
* Sound 1/10
* Characters 1/10
* Overall 1/10

Future Boy Conan 01

And finally my favourite show of the bunch that I watched.

Future Boy Conan is one of those older shows I had been meaning to get around to for ages. There's still a handful of these kinds that I'm really looking forward to and I generally get around to one each year. Mostly thanks to these santa projects.

I honestly dunno what more to say about this show. I enjoyed it for what it was and considering its age it looks amazing. Fun characters and a pretty darn good story. This is a good example of a show that was knocked back into the stone age that has future technology that actually doesn't ignore either of those factors and makes things really interesting.

* Story 8/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 9/10
* Overall 7/10

Thanks Secret Santa people!! Till next year~

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