366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 12/366 Project A-ko

Day 12/366


Project A-ko is the wacky adventure of miss A-ko and friends. They start off in school but soon move to saving the world!

These uniforms are plain and very typical of every other cookie cutter girl uniforms. There's nothing that stands out about them at all. Plain blue skirt, with a white blouse and a sailor tie. B-ko's uniform isn't much better either. It's all brown and has a short red tie. It's too fat to be one I like. I find it to be a rather ugly uniform as a whole honestly.

Their are no boy uniforms because these girls go to an all girls school but I do like their gym uniforms. They are plain but remind me very much of the School Rumble ones which I like. They also have that retro feel to them like the ones in Touch. I find the blue bottoms quite cute.










Overall: Yeah I don't really think I'd wear either of these.

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Project A-ko

Do you know your ABC's?

Meet A
Project A-ko AStrong, determined, and ready for anything that comes her way. She adapts to strange situations very quickly... which is probably a good thing
Project A-ko4

Meet B

Project A-ko BAngry rich bitch who wants nothing more than to make C-ko hers... in any way possible by any means necessary.
Project A-ko10
Meet C

Project A-ko CYour typical bubbling blond air head. Bouncy, giggling, happy girl. Who cries and does lots of whining as well. Can't have an air head without all of those features now can we? Oh did I mention she's an alien princess?

Project A-ko9

If there's one character that pissed me off the most it would be the teacher..... She just seemed to be the most useless character that had the stupidest lines and was always butting in when the scene would have been way better off with her not in it.

Project A-ko11
Girls giggling and playing away in the school yard.... with mecha's! Why didn't I go to a school like this one.

Project A-ko15Project A-ko16
How could I forget the lovely manly ladies!

Project A-koProject A-ko6

Does B-Ko's father have an Elvis fetish??? Or.....                I don't even want to know....

Project A-ko2Project A-ko3

Guess he just REALLY liked his daughter that much to wear her battle outfit.

Project A-ko7

So as I watched this I came to the conclusion this was nothing more than 2 girls fighting over one girls friendship. Finding out she was an alien princess and some weird other alien attacking occurs. Oh and shemales. I *heart* those the most 😛

Anyway this definitely was worth the watch after all these years. I still don't know why I kept putting it off year after year but I got around to it finally. It wasn't entertaining all the time but it had enough laughs and action in it to keep me interested. Even though C-ko was annoying as hell at times she was still a very lovable character and brought a lot to the show. This is was an excellent fun blast from the past romp that every anime fan should really do every now and then. Never be afraid to watch something that is older or just as old as you are XD

Oh I should probably mention it's follow up alternate story ova Project A-ko VS. Lets just say it wasn't nearly as entertaining as the first one was. In this one A-ko and B-ko actually get along... well sort of... More so in the way that they aren't fighting over C-ko's affection. C-ko now is a small annoying little brat who has to be saved by A-ko and B-ko from some pitiful bad guy's. And this about sums it up.

Project A-ko14This picture pretty much is my thoughts on the series. Anger, silliness, and happy. 6/10 for the first series. 3/10 for the second one. Both shows are definitely worth a quick watch.

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