Secret Santa Part 1: Rental Magica

Here's the first review for The Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project. I was going to watch all 3 but I really didn't want to review GITS for the holiday season... And that's a lot of anime to get through too so I did 2 out of the 3. Here's the first one being Rental Magica.

Rental Magica is about Astral, a magic company that of course has magic welders as the employees. They exist to rid the existence of annoying magical spirits and creatures and to try and beat their rival company, Goetia. The company use to be run by Itsuki's father but has mysteriously gone missing so Itsuki must take the reins of the company and the magic users under him. He of course has little to no magical powers so it is hard for him to gain the respect of several employees. His one power is in his right eye and it just happens to be very powerful but very painful to use as well so he barely uses it. His power is called Glam Sight which allows him to see magic and its weakness. Which is cool I guess... All the other magic welders are far more interesting in the magical powers department.

Harry Potter?

Honestly this a pretty generic magic show. One group of magic people battling with another while going after "monsters of the week". There's a few interesting stories in there but that's to be expected with an episodic formula. Too bad most of the stories were just boring in my opinion. I'm not sure why a lot of these magic heavy shows try to bounce between serious and funny all the time. It just doesn't work! Doesn't help that the look of the show wasn't really good either. It felt really grainy when magic was being used. It just looked like flashes of coloured blobs. I'm not sure why magic shows are hard to get right for animators honestly (not all of course but a lot of them). Shakugan no Shana gave me the same feeling along with 11eyes, which also has a main character boy with an eye-patch. I hate most characters with eye-patches btw 😛

I'm generally not a fan of Engrish OP's but this one manages to get stuck in your head really fast. I got sucked into listening to it more times than I'd care to admit. The ED is in Japanese and sung by a dude. It's too bland for me to really care about though.

Bride on bride action!

Characters are the shows strong point which is kinda funny because most of them are super generic. Especially the male lead. If it wasn't for his eye-patch people would have a hard time telling him apart from every other harem male lead ever. He of course ends up with 2 girls chasing him which are cookie cutter girls as well. These 3 were mainly what the show was revolving around but when the other side characters showed up they brought fun, drama, and interest to the story for me. My favourites were of course Manami, a ghost member and Ren, the Onmyoudou expert member who has 4 Shikineko; Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, and Genbu! I just can't help but to love a man who loves cats! There were a few others hanging around too but I didn't find them to be good or bad. Just there hanging around.

And because tis the season, here's a lovely song they sang for the holidays.

If you like magic shows that are interesting enough but don't quite go the distance this one is for you! At least it kinda ends.

Thanks Secret Santa! If it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't have watched and immediately forgotten I watched this show! 😛


* Story 6/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 7/10
* Overall 6/10

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: 359/366 Rental Magica


Rental Magica just about a boy with a special eye and some magic welding people.

Classic sailor suit but there's a twist with the skirt. That's how simple works out looking alright here. Somehow! Wooo black for the boys!

When the girls were kids they went to a magic school so they had all black uniforms with a red tie along with a stupid school crest. After all what kind of magical school would it be without a crest!!

Overall: Sure to the sailor suit no to the kiddy magic school uniforms.

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