366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 300/366 Revolutionary Girl Utena

Day 300/366

Revolutionary Girl Utena sword duels and rose brides in school oh my!

Now everything is left up to your own interpretation for this show and the uniforms are no exception. I'm not one to go into this kind of depth for these kind of things since Utena is a huge can of worms that way. So I'll just say I love the uniforms in this show whether it be on a boy or a girl! FABULOUS!

Overall: Utena's is the one I'd choose.

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Tra La La Utena

A Day Without Me brought this awesome AMV to my attention a while ago and I decided now is the time to put it up here and remember the hilarity!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 299/365 Anthy Himemiya

Day 299/365

Anthy Himemiya

From the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena, Anthy Himemiyais a calm, shy, and quiet girl whom is known to have no thoughts of her own or desires. Her past is quite dark and tragic. Anthy appears to house the Sword of Dios within her own body. At the beginning of a duel, she slips into a trance and the Sword manifests, protruding from her chest so that her champion may draw it from her. She has a close relationship with Utena when she arrives at Ohtori Academy.

Why I like her: She gets slapped like ALL the time.

Why I hate her: She gets slapped like ALL the time and she just seems to me to be a useless character. Which kind of is her role in the show but has great importance even if it isn't quite clear.

Overall: Fun show to watch in groups cause then you can analyze every little weird thing that happens in the show and see what everyone comes up with.

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