366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 72/366 Rizelmine

Day 72/366

Rizelmine is about a young girl named Rizel and all she wants to do is marry the very confused Tomori.

This show is strange and so are the uniforms honestly. The girls are a typical sailor suit with a big red bow but the main colour isn't blue for the skirt and everything else. It is brown. I dunno what they were thinking when they made this colour concept but it's not pretty unless you like to think about dog turds on clothing. Even the top is an off shade of tan brown which isn't really appealing. Rizel being the main character of course puts her own little twist on the uniform. It's not an amazing one though. It just happens to be a huge in your face pink bow instead of a slightly smaller in your face red bow like the rest of the girls.

Boy uniforms are the same old all one colour. These ones seem to be blue and not black but some anime still call these black. I'm not sure why this happens but I've seen it from time to time. Generally happens with older anime. We even get a quick glimpse at the gym outfits. I didn't look hard enough to see if the boy ones ever showed up but the girl ones sure did. Just a typical white t-shirt with blue trim around the collar and cuffs. Very short blue shorts as well. In some scenes it almost looks like the girls aren't wearing any pants at all. I'll never understand why bloomers are "popular".









Overall: No way.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 235/365 Tomonori Iwaki

Day 235/365

Tomonori Iwaki

From the anime Rizelmine, Tomonori Iwaki is a normal 14 year old boy whom has a huge crush on his older teacher. One day Rizel appears out of no where with her 3 dads and marries Tomonori. Stuck in a 12 year old girls body she needs love from her husband in order for her body to progress or fireworks shall fly from her tears...

Why I like him: He didn't settle into this random arrangement easily like his parents did. Well how most males would. "Hey sudden cute loli girlfriend?! I mean wife... SIGN ME UP!" Not for him. He acted like a good male tsundere in my opinion. I enjoyed seeing Rizel being kicked around. XD

Why I hate him: Being angry all the time even for a teenager gets super annoying at times. Even if he does warm up by the end of things a tad.

Overall: Oddly entertaining little series. Just the right amount so it doesn't get annoying. I can't imagine it being regular length episodes and not getting tiresome.


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