365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 6/365 Harry McQuinn

Day 6/365

Harry McQuinn

From the anime Sci-fi Harry, Harry McQuinn is a skinny little loser living in an American town. He's generally weird and awkward around others at school, and of course gets a crush on the girl that is already with someone just because she happens to be nice to him one day. He randomly finds out that he has telekinetic powers, meaning he can move anything around with his mind!

Why I like him: He has telekinetic powers! I wish I had telekinetic powers!!! I think that would be one of the coolest superpowers to have. Yes, consider me jealous that a dork like Harry gets to be awesome and have such an ability that he can't even control.

Why I hate him: What's NOT to hate honestly... He's your typical annoying weird teenager that has social issues made out to be the worst ever possible. He gets thrown into this crazy situation and we have to sit there watching him struggle to figure out what to do. Yes, I know things like this don't happen all the time to everyday people but honestly... grow a pair!

Overall: Considering how much Harry irritated me he was still an interesting character to see what he would do next. Or more like, what would happen to him next. Or how he would mistakenly get out of it or someone would come along and save him just to be tossed into another crazy situation. Guess he was a very love/hate character for me because I still can't quite figure out how much of either I feel more strongly towards for poor little Harry.


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