Shinigami no Ballad

Overall: 3/10

Everything else doesn't need a rating as nothing stood out at all. All very forgettable.

I normally like episodic anime but this one was severely lacking but then again there's only so much you can do with 6 episodes. This anime did nothing with those 6.

There's something to be said while I watched this that I was more entertained with my candle on the table than actually paying a lot of attention to what was going on on the tv screen. None of the stories tugged at my heart strings. Most characters seemed empty and just too typical for me. That last story was REALLY REALLY irritating and annoying. The one that was the least irritating would have been the grandpa one. It was cute but still very lacking to me. I'm sad that I didn't even like the flying cat....

Yeah this is probably pretty harsh but this one really did nothing for me at all.

I guess if you have a thing for shinigami anime you should check this one out. It's short and semi painless... depending. Better yet go watch Shigofumi... at least those stories are "slightly" more interesting

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