366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 166/366 Shion no Oh

Day 166/366

Shion no Oh is about a chick who wants to solve the mystery of her dead parents. SHE PLAYS BOARD GAMES TO DO IT!

We get to see 3 lovely school uniforms in this show. Maybe more but I'm a little too lazy to look into it more right now! WOOO. Anyway The first one is a red  skirt that has 2 gray lines along the bottom. One is bigger than the other which I find interesting. The top is a nice and plain white long sleeved shirt that has a red tie done up the same way as the skirt. Very interesting.

The other 2 are sailor suits. One being a navy blue style with a long skirt and long sleeves. The other is black and white with a yellow tie. Both are pretty meh but stand out among sailor suits honestly.







Overall: Meh don't care about any of these very much to want to wear them.

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Not so Secret Santa: Shion no Oh

Next up in my Not so Secret Santa Project is Shion no Oh. Shinmaru picked this one for me and for the most part we like the same things within a few ratings or so. I had wanted to watch this show for a while so I was glad he picked it for me. It delivered but only so far.


We follow the story of a young girl named Shion Yasuoka. She has had a terrible past where at a very young age her parents were killed in front of her and then the killer forced her to play shogi, a Japanese strategy board game similar to chess. He then tells her if she wants to live to never speak again. So from then on people just think she is traumatized into not talking because of the incident, but in reality it is mainly because of what he said. I guess that's trauma in a way but I still think she was just keeping a promise.

There's a lot of hand board focus in this show.

The OP is mixed with English that sounds typical in most Japanese songs that have English parts to them. It had a hard rock feel to it but otherwise didn't really leave an impression on me. The ED sounds like some shitty slow pop love song... I could have done without listening to either honestly. I hardly ever noticed any sound during the show so that was neither bad or good. The rather realistic animation is wonderful but is lost on the main character. It feels like they were just trying to cash in on "moe" because she didn't fit the rest of the people around her at all. Her eyeballs seriously needed to be eaten in eyeball soup or something since they were so big. How do they even stay in her eye sockets? The animation since it stated out lovely but ended up pretty icky in the end was sad. I'm not sure why that happed cause it was basically the last 6 or so episodes but it was a let down. I'm generally not one to care about these kind of things but when it's pretty noticeable like this is just doesn't feel right. I also didn't overly enjoy the recap of like a minute of the last episode at the beginning of the next one. This oddly was only done on certain episodes and not every time so I can see how it would be accepted for someone who actually watched the show once a week.

I love how people watch the games being played in the next room on a TV in a different room!

The characters are what shine about this show. They for the most part are well thought out and do whatever they set out to do. You have Shion our main character who sets out despite being against all odds to solve the murder of her parents. She has 2 lovely foster parents who help her in her cause without question. There are even some rather cute parental moments with them. Like seeing boys and such. There are some interesting police officers who want to solve her case as well. I didn't find them very interesting but I see why they were needed.

Old man

Her passion shogi brought along some rather interesting characters. The old man who always seemed to be around putting on tournaments and such. He was rather fun even if he had no real roll in the series. Her main friend is Ayumi Saito. A boy who starts off as a girl in the series but ends up being a boy around everyone in the end. Shion finds this out early but doesn't say anything because well she is mute! Ayumi wants to help his dying mother get better who is now bed ridden in the hospital. He oddly enough gets chosen by the apprentice of a very powerful shogi player. This actually makes some people jealous but mainly Makoto Hani, the current Meijin. He ended up distancing himself from everyone he loved to become a shogi player. He was a very interesting character honestly. Way more interesting than Shion. In a way, you could say that the show was actually about him.

Makoto Hani

The show relied on it's mystery aspect a little too much for my liking when it was pretty darn clear who the bad guy was in the end. At least to me it was anyway. There was a certain scene that happened early on in the show that gave it away for me but I won't wander into spoilers for that. I pick up on these kind of things really fast for some reason. I do find it hilarious how they did try to pin it on someone else by just making him a mean old bastard.

So evil looking

I feel like this show was trying to be a more serious Hikaru no Go but it rather failed in the end honestly with that. Hikaru no Go is way more superior and nothing can and will ever touch it. If something does I will be very surprised. Overall I don't have a lot of memories from the show but I am glad I watched it in the end.


I generally don't like to give out .5 marks in my anime but it wasn't weak enough to give a full 6 to and definitely wasn't strong enough for a 7.

* Story 7/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 7/10
* Overall 6.5/10


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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 354/365 Ayumi Saito

Day 354/365

Ayumi Saito

From the anime Shion no Oh, Ayumi Saito is a young shogi player whom starts off dressing like a girl in hopes of earning some money to help his hospitalized mother. He becomes a close friend of Shion Yasuoka, a mute girl who had her parents killed in front of her when she was really small.

Why I like him: He has the balls to dress like a girl and compete like one. That was just awesome. I still think that he does look hotter as a boy though. Throughout the series he always had his heart in the right place. I wanted him to succeed.

Why I hate him: Wishy washy at times. He would pout a lot when he lost. I hate sore losers.

Overall: Shogi is a pretty interesting game.

Ayumi in boy form. <3

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