On the Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me, Nine Anime Watched This Year

On the Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Nine Anime Watched This Year,
Eight Farm Moments,
Seven Life Moments,
Six Tamako Market Bird Butts,
Five Golden Openings,
Four Vancouver Anime Moments,
Three Anime Games,
Two Avatars,
and Legend of the Galactic Heroes Keychains

I really didn't get around to watching a lot of anime this year that wasn't from 2013... Hell I didn't even watch a lot of 2013 anime haha. Here's the nine titles I did manage to get through this year but I don't remember a lot from most of them!

- Decided to watch this because of the new one that came out in the winter this year. It was actually really enjoyable and helped me enjoy the season 2 even more. I kinda would really like to see more of this series honestly. I think they did a really good job "rebooting" interests in the series.

- This was a Secret Santa anime from last year that I didn't finish in time. And that's ok honestly because I'm not sure how I would have written a review about it. I liked it and all but it is one of those really strange shows where there's a lot to dislike but a lot to love too.

Bokura ga Ita - I HATE THIS SHOW!!

- The picture above makes the series look way more interesting than it really is. Yay for short episodes though.

- So glad these were short episodes... So creepy.

- I honestly don't really remember anything about this show... I remember that each of those girls had something strange about them. Like one is a robot and another is a werewolf... I think one was a vampire too...

sola - ehhhh ok I guess but forgettable and boring...

- For a really slow slice of life show I oddly enjoyed this one a lot. Especially since there were some really cute cat moments in it and none of the girls was annoying. All adorable!

- I had no idea what this show was about going into it. My friend and I picked it at random. We watched half together and I finished the rest on my own. I thought the later parts of the series were better than the first half. I really liked how it made me think of Gintama because of the setting and all the strange shit that went on in the show. I think fans of Eureka 7 would enjoy this Edo Rocket greatly.

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